Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Walk Like a Canadian

Saturday we walked across Lake Louise. That's right, just like Jesus! OK, that was a borderline blasphemous joke. I apologize. But back to this trick we learned for walking on water. If you're dedicated enough, you can do it, too! Follow each step carefully: 1) Move to Canada  2) Wait til January.
Even though Lake Louise turns into a frozen tundra in the winter, the folks who run the Fairmont hotel on its shore have come up with fun activities to keep us all busy until the canoe rentals are available again.

Horse-drawn carriage rides:

Ice sculptures:

Ice skating:

And cross country skis and snowshoe rental to get you across the lake:

We didn't rent any gear because we all had on hiking boots with good tread. Besides, the plan was to merely take some photos standing on the ice, looking back at the hotel.

Somehow we wound up back here:

The beauty of the snowy mountains seemed to pull us further and further along towards the back of the lake. But I stopped so many times to take photos that my husband gave up and took a nap:

I'm glad we made the trek because we got to see the waterfall in all its winter splendor:

I also got to see this tree wearing a snow hat:

There's something about the silence and the unspoiled beauty on the other side of the lake that's good for the soul. It's worth it to take a moment to drink it in.

Something that's good for the body to drink in is a cup of hot tea by the window inside the Chateau Lake Louise when you're done frolicking. After a day like this, your entire body, mind and spirit will go, "ahhhhh..."

Here are some bonus pictures from the ride home:


Castle Mountain:

Big Elk Herd Outside of Banff: