Monday, June 25, 2012

Calgary to Baton Rouge to Houston to Lake LBJ to Houston to Long Island to Calgary *dizzy*

I recently got back from a trip that grew from a 5 day visit to Houston to almost an entire month all over the U.S. Believe me, I know how lucky I am to be able to take a trip like that- but this was hardly a vacation. The point of each leg of my journey was to be there for a family member.  


I spent a week in Baton Rouge helping our son, Jamie (an LSU student), with various issues, including keeping his car on the road. When your kid lives in another country, it's in your best interest for him to have reliable transportation!

LSU has a beautiful campus there. For those of you keeping notes on my life, first of all- stop it! Secondly, yes, you're right. I used to work at the LSU library in Shreveport as Head of Circulation. Here's a pet peeve: whenever I mention that fact to my husband and/or sons, no one seems impressed. I'M impressed that anyone would trust me with all that responsibility. Anyway...

I got to see Jamie's apartment and meet his...let's say...SPIRITED dog, Herschel. I love Herschel, but one of his favorite things to do while I was there was to slowly walk up my seated body, playfully push me until he had me pinned on my back and then lick the hell out of my face. ha! He's a happy dog, but doesn't seem to understand that humans might not like that.

We decided to allow ourselves one day of fun, spending it in New Orleans. Woo-hoo! Our family has lots of great memories of New Orleans since we used to live only 2 hours away, including one where I walked around the French Quarter with my sister, Cathy, a 2-yr-old Jake and a gestating Jamie in my belly. Jamie couldn't care less. I mean, 21-yr-old Jamie couldn't care less about the story not, well, you get it.

I had a moment with this horse. And that was BEFORE...

...we went HERE:

This ain't your momma's slushy. Flavored daiquiris:

Not into daiquiris? Perhaps a beer:

Actually, we're both complete light weights coz this delicious daiquiri was passed between us as we walked down Bourbon Street but finally sat in my frig at the hotel for 3 days before I threw it out. 

After a week in this sad, lonely, extended-stay hotel room (with no car, might I add!)... 

...Jamie and Herschel picked me up and drove me to Houston to meet up with Greg.

To be continued...

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Everybody Loves Henry

I just got back from a visit to Mom's house where she's been babysitting our dachshund, Henry, for the past two years. Poor Mom. We were transferred to Canada and aren't allowed to have any pets in our condo so  Mom offered to keep him until we return to the states.

I learned during my stay that Henry has become quite the celebrity in her retirement community! Mom took me to a picnic at their clubhouse and introduced me to everyone as "Henry's Mom." Not one blank face- just the opposite, in fact. Each face broke out in a smile and one woman made me promise to give him a kiss from her. "We love Henry!"

And then a few nights later, when we had company over for dinner, he was the center of attention:

If that wasn't enough, on my last day at Mom's house, I took little Henry for a walk down the street. A van drove by, slowed down and someone yelled out the window: "Hi, Henry!"

This dog has a fan club! And that got me to thinkin' that I may need to come up with some merch. You know, t-shirts, refrigerator magnets, autographed photos (however a dog would do that)...

First, we'll need a name for the fan club. Clay Aiken has his Claymates, Jimmy Buffet has his Parrot Heads and so on...I know- let's take a poll! Fun! Go vote for your favorite name for Henry's fan club over there on the right and we'll go from there. (In other words, nowhere. You think I'm actually gonna make merchandise? ha!)