Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Lion King

Wow! What a great show. If you've never seen The Lion King, I strongly recommend that you go. We all know from the animated movie that the music is fantastic, but the sets and the costumes will blow you away. It's illegal to take photos during the show because everything is copyrighted, but I found this shot online:

Look for the actors in those costumes, especially the giraffe. You can see the actor's head at the bottom of the giraffe's neck. The front legs are the actor's arms, etc...
My sisters and my two nieces and I had a blast. We drove into New York City together and when we turned the corner into Times Square, we squealed like tourists, rolled down the windows and starting taking pictures.

You have to understand that we've been into the city more times than I can count, I've ridden the train in with friends, spent a weekend here and there with my parents while growing up, driven in for the afternoon. Still, seeing the bright lights and the movement of people on the streets is a thrill I'll never get used to. I love this city.

You can still see the ball from New Year's Eve behind "2009" in this photo:

The Chrysler Building:

The view of Times Square from inside the theater was even more spectacular:

And now, because I'm just that much of a nerd, I'll share a video I took by accident while we were on the phone with my Mom:


Kenzie said...

again... JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sounds like you had an absolute blast! Can't wait to hear more!

havingfun said...

Caryl - I look forward to hearing about your adventures with your family and friends.

jerseyirish said...

Caryl, Sounds like you had fun in the city. Look forward to hearing all your recap, especially Chicago!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Missy Caryl, it's Rosie. So happy you have been having a good vacation. I heard you attended, abeit a bit reluctantly, Grease. I for one, just can't wait for your recap. Have a great time at Martyrs tonight and make sure you tell Tay that you were his phone friend. Ps. Tell Taylor we all thought you did a great phone interview with him.