Sunday, April 5, 2009

High School Senior Style Show

Last night the hubby and I went to a fund raiser for our son's senior class. On the schedule was dinner, a silent auction, a live auction and then a runway event showcasing some of the senior class wearing prom attire.

Our son, Jamie, signed up to participate with some of his best friends from the soccer team. Yeah, I know! Who woulda thunk these manly men would want to be models in a fashion show?

It all sounded mildly interesting to me and monumentally boring to my husband, but we wanted to support the seniors (and as my husband pointed out, we'd never have to do it again!). We weren't even sure we'd know any of the parents there, but we headed out like brave little soldiers.

To say we were pleasantly surprised is an under-statement. We wound up having a really good time. We sat with some of the parents of Jamie's soccer friends- good people we've known for years and years.

The fashion show was much more entertaining than we expected. They came out in groups of six or so and struck dramatic poses or acted out quick vignettes to songs like "Let's Get It Started," "Sharp Dressed Man" and "Hot Hot Hot."

When Jamie's group took the stage in their prom duds, I was struck by how mature they looked. These are young men now. We parents talked about the colleges they're going off to and one of the Dads remarked, "It just flies by." We all nodded in agreement.

My photos are terrible, but they give you a feel for the show:

I have no idea what happened with my camera here, but it's kind of a cool effect. (That's what I tell myself, anyway.)

The backbone of the soccer team:

It flies by, indeed.


Anonymous said...

Hi! good to hear from you here!
I agree, the style show was fun! It was fun sitting with you is always nice to be around people we know a little bit verses strangers. Your pictures were good! Our children have grown yes. they all looked very handsome!

havingfun said...

Awwwwwwwwwww Caryl.
An evening you will all remember, that's for sure.

What handsome young men thay all are ! They love to get all dressed up too, don't they?

lois meyer said...

I am all teary-eyed as I look at those pictures - Jamie is so grown up and handsome. Wow!

Love to all, Caryl's Mom

caryl said...

You guys, I had to photo-shop Ryan into the picture of the 5 guys backstage. Haha! Don't look too closely, cuz you'll see that he doesn't have any legs. The photo I had of him was cut off at the bottom of the jacket.

Sunny said...

I'm thinking in terms of my 10 year old, she hits middle school next year already. It buzzes by so fast. Seems like the other day she was stomping her feet at me saying, "Mom I don't want to potty train!".

caryl said...

Yeah, those little bastards refuse to stop growing!

(Sorry for saying the 'b' word, Mom. I know, I know, I'm grounded.)

jerseyirish said...

Caryl, Senior year is always so much fun, it is the end of the primary years and alot of fun things to do winding that year down.

A friend from work recently had a little boy, I said to her enjoy this little guy because they grow so quick you blink and you are sitting at their college graduations wondering where all the time has gone.

Sunny, Middle School already? For my two from MS through HS went so fast, they grow and mature so much during that time.


Sunny said...

I know JI. I bought her these Heely shoe skate things yesterday. Now I want a pair. They are like tennis with a wheel you put in the heel to skate. We'll try it together now and try not to kill ourselves.

jerseyirish said...

Sunny, My daughter had a pair sneakers like those back in MS, she skated all over, I believe she still has them, just couldn't get rid of them, she had so much fun with them. Hubby would just laugh when she would "skate" into the room.


YKW said...

Caryl, you almost always manage to tug at my heartstrings. I have a son headed to middle school next year, and I remember how hard it was when he turned nine years old. I kept thinking "My god, we're halfway done, halfway to eighteen." It still freaks me out!!

Congratulations on your handsome son!! Good beginnings, good times, good lessons, good life!