Monday, June 22, 2009

Jamie's Graduation Ceremony

My son, Jamie's, graduation was held at the Toyota Center in downtown Houston. It's the same venue where we saw Elton John and Billy Joel perform. I had no idea what to expect, since I thought the place would be too big. but it actually turned out really well. Nobody needed tickets, you could bring as many guests as you wanted and they sold food in the lobby (haha!) They even used the jumbo-tron:

One of Jamie's teachers accompanied the choir on a song he wrote himself: "How Can We Say Goodbye." It was lovely. It made me and my sister cry.

Here's Jamie, turning around to watch his teacher play piano.

I'll be honest. I'm pretty sure that's not Jamie on stage. Don't know why I took the photo.

Jamie's name was the very last one called out of a class of roughly 500 students! He hammed it up. The arena erupted into applause because the ceremony was over but Jamie pretended it was for him. (He knew it wasn't) He raised both arms in a sign of victory and smiled out at the crowd as they cheered.
It was a nice ceremony. Not too long.

(more to come)


havingfun said...

Look at those handsome young men !!

Congratulations Jamie - to Mom and Dad as well !!

My niece graduated a couple of weeks ago too. One of the guys in her class did a cartwheel right before the diploma was handed to him. Needless to say - they did not give it to him. They whisked him behind the curtain and niece said he was in big trouble. (guess they all could not do that - but it sure was cute).

jerseyirish said...

Caryl, Jamie a bit of a ham? Taking the bows, thats cute. He will have a nice memory of his graduation!

I know my daughter has hers from her brother hiring the advertising plane with his little message to her, it was the hit of her graduation!!


Sunny said...

Hi Caryl, so he wrote a song that the graduation class used as their send-off? That is really cool. He's obviously very creative. He looks like you too it seems. Very nice photos.

Now it's on to the world and life as he will know it. Always hard watching the endings as beginnings have so much unknown. It's part of life's circle with having children and family.