Wednesday, October 7, 2009


We happened to be in London for my birthday this year! Greg had some frequent flyer miles that were going to expire, so we used most of them up on this trip. I took a ton of photos, so I'll let them speak for me and spare you the thousand words:

A random Rolls-Royce


Old architecture reflected in the new.

I was sure this lively picture represented a man sprinting to the bathroom- thus it was a sign for the restrooms. Ha! Instead, it indicates where the exit is. The use these all over the city.

Us not getting into Westminster Abbey

I think that's more Westminster Abbey. Gimme a break. After a while all this beautiful old architecture looks the same!

Greg cajoled me into taking his picture. (ha) That's the escalator down to The Tube.

They call this giant Ferris wheel, "The London Eye." A tour guide told us you can get married on it. The ceremony starts as soon as you get on and by the time you reach the top, you're married. He said, "And then it's all down hill from there!"

Kensington Palace, where Princess Di lived. It's open for tours now.

Inside the gates at Kensington Palace. The other side is where all those flowers were lain for Princess Diana.

Harrod's Department Store. Very impressive inside. I think, that is. Greg ran me through there pretty quickly.

We took a boat tour down The Thames and I was amazed by the ugly modern architecture. I felt like I was in a Jetson's cartoon.

Ah, but then we passed under the Tower Bridge and were back in London. The tour guide said the folks on the bridge expected us to wave at them. As we raised our hands in greeting, he added, "Of course, if you do, it's bad luck." That guy was a riot.

Tower of London

Must be picture time!
More to come!


heylaw said...

Great pics, thanks for sharing. I love the story about the giant ferris wheel!!

lois meyer said...

You certainly have an eye for a good picture. They are lovely! Looks as though you had good weather and a great trip. Can't wait to see the pictures from Scotland.

Love Mom

Anonymous said...

Great pictures, brings back fond memories


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sending the pix .They are great!Love to see London for real but this is the next best thing.. Gail

Barbara said...

Great pictures, Caryl! You should start a career in photography!

YKW said...

Wonderful pics, Caryl!

Your posts are worth waiting for, I look forward to having the chance to come over and read.


caryl said...

Thanks, you guys! (You're all so nice!) You ain't seen nothing yet! Wait til I post the photos from Scotland. What a beautiful country!

jerseyirish said...

Caryl, Your pics are just beautiful, loved the story about the ferris wheel. West Minister Abbey is breath taking, thanks for sharing your London visit with everyone!