Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Henry Update

Baby Henry. He's all grown up now.

Got this e-mail from Mom:

"Well, we had our visit to Nancy and Dick. Henry loved being out in the country (on his leash) and smelling all the animals - chipmunks, etc. Didn't seem too fazed by the horses. But, oh, the cats! I kept him up in my room when we were indoors but a few times Nancy suggested letting him loose to see what happened. Of course, he barked and chased the cats! (I don't think Dick was too happy but he was too polite to say anything.) He whined, too, and didn't like being alone. So...I doubt if Henry will get a return invitation even though he wasn't really terrible.

On the ferry, he was the perfect dog! Little children would stop and ask if they could pet him and he was very good. I was complimented on a well behaved dog, several people commented that they had or had had a dachshund. He only barked once and that was because another dog barked.

When I had all the American Legion ladies for lunch a week ago, he was very popular. I have people asking me 'How is Henry doing?'

Love, Mom"


Anonymous said...

Caryl, So glad to hear Henry and your Mom bonding so well!! He was a character from some of the stories you have told, and I'm sure you Mom will have many to add to it!!


caryl said...

Thanks, jersey!