Friday, October 15, 2010

Yoho National Park

We were given the gift of a three day weekend due to the Canadian Thanksgiving on Monday, October 11th. (The holiday is officially observed on the second Monday of October, and though it's not as big a celebration as it is in the United States, the meal is the same.)

We were looking for something to do on Saturday and since we've spent so many weekends exploring the area around Calgary, I asked Greg if there was anything left to see. I was joking, but he just stared back blankly and picked up a travel brochure. (Sometimes he doesn't get me. ha) Eventually, he suggested Yoho National Park.

Despite the fact that he never thought it was funny when I called it "Yoo Hoo" National Park (see previous paragraph), we wound up having a really nice day. It was a 2 1/2 hour drive, past Banff, past Lake Louise.

Our first destination was Takakkaw Falls (don't get me started on that name), Canada's second highest waterfall. We had to drive up this wacky road in order to see them. Look down below on the left- more of the road we drove up:

(Let's pretend I took these photos behind us as we traveled UP)

What's interesting about these falls is that the water seems to come out of solid rock.We read that they are fed by a glacier hidden from view behind the mountain.

(Greg's in this picture. You'll find him on the edge of those trees in a dark sweatshirt and light blue jeans.)

The water rushing by at the bottom of the falls was a milky blue.

Next stop was the Natural Bridge. It's a rock formation created over time by the rushing water. I'm not going to bore you with a lot of explanation, just enjoy the photos.

We were about the get on the road to head for home when Greg remembered a sign he had seen for Emerald Lake. What an incredible surprise that lake turned out to be. As we drove into the parking area, I caught a glimpse of the water through the trees and gasped. Seriously, when was the last time you gasped? The color of the water was gasp-worthy. Emerald. No kidding.

It was getting late in the day so we settled in for our mundane drive home: ;)

Surely we've seen everything now!


Linda said...

Really beautiful area. Your shots make me think of photos people have taken in Alaska .. guess it would be a similar glacier formed landscape.

I clicked to get the larger size pictures .. seems to be someone in dark jeans and a red top in #6 from the bottom - would that be you ?

So if you've exhausted the great outdoors . . what's the next adventure? :)

caryl said...

Thanks, Linda. No, that's not me. People were walking all over that natural bridge area.

There's actually a lot more to see. I was just kidding. We're only 3 hrs from the Montana border- a whole other National Park down there.

jerseyirish said...

Caryl, You and Greg seem to be having adventure after adventure in Calgary. The pics and recaps are just wonderful!!! I'm sure you will find much more to see.


caryl said...

Thanks, jersey! It's an amazing place.

lois meyer said...

Caryl, you have such an eye for photography. You have to find a way, besides the blogs, to combine your gift for writing with your absolutely beautiful photos. I just love eveerything you do and can't wait for a visit to Canada.

Love, Mom

Jane said...

Hi Caryl,

This coming from a fellow Calgarian, there's another cool spot about two hours a little bit north and mostly west of C, the Drumheller Valley. It's very different and beautiful, it used to be my fav comping destination in my youth - oh so long ago! Basically you can drive up one side of the valley, cross on the Bleriot Ferry, and then drive down the other side. We used to camp at the Bleriot Ferry campground back when it was free (the 80's).

One last thing, d'you remember the movie Quest For Fire? the opening shot was filmed there at the badlands, I think it was at Horseshoe Canyon..... really beautiful imo.

Oh yeah, if you like history, two more of my fav places: Fort Edmonton, and the Ukrainian Pioneer Village - about one hour east of Edmonton.

Enjoy Alberta you guys, maybe you'll like it so much you'll never leave!

caryl said...

Thanks so much for the suggestions! We actually spent a weekend in Drumheller. It was one of our favorite places to visit so far. Very cool. My husband LOVED the dinosaur museum and wants to go back.

We'll have to check out those other locations. thanks!