Friday, January 7, 2011

Banff and Lake Louise

I'm tired. We spent the day in Banff and Lake Louise so now I'm too tired to be witty or clever or even accurate.

These photos are out of order. But here's what we did: we drove up to Banff, went to the natural Hot Springs, had Bison burgers in town, cruised a couple of shops and then drove to Lake Louise.

Lake Louise is about 45 minutes from Banff and though it was snowing lightly in Banff, we didn't think it would be a problem. Wrong! the snow was coming down so heavily in Lake Louise that there was about 4" on the roads in town. We were worried about making it up the hill to the lake.

We did the mature thing and turned around. Back in Banff, the snow was still only lightly coming down and back in Calgary, it wasn't snowing at all. Oh well. Mom will have to see Lake Louise next time.

But we did get to see a HUGE herd of elk when we were driving out of Banff. We pulled over to take pictures.

Here's your assignment: figure out which photo goes with which activity. Go!

(The next 2 photos show a low lying cloud)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures. Looks like you're showing Mom a good time. Can't wait to come up and see it myself. Cathy

caryl said...

Thanks for leaving a comment, Cathy! I appreciate it. It lets me know someone actually saw the new post.

Anonymous said...

Caryl, Great pics, amazing how different the snowfall 20mts apart. I'm sure Mom loved seeing what she got to see. Its beatiful country up there!


caryl said...

thanks, jersey!

JenAdams said...

Wow, it is beautiful up there - that must be one hot pool!

Anonymous said...

Grandma looks sooo cool in these pics! Yiefi,Yeifi<Yifie, Yifei..ahhh i don't know how to spell my name anymore lol

caryl said...

It WAS hot, jen! 104, I think?

Yifei, I think Grandma had a good time, I don't know. I made her walk too much, I think. But she did have those cute boots, so she was prepared!