Sunday, July 3, 2011

Lake Annette Hike

Yesterday, July 2nd, I walked through a snow drift. We took a hike that was 8 miles round trip and wound up high enough in the mountains to be where the last remnants of snow are. Freaky, man.

Besides the snow, here are the highlights of this hike: We saw 2 porcupine. Not together, we saw them in two separate locations. They were bigger than I expected them to be. And I didn't know that they're blind. The first one scurried away when Greg said, "Hey- look at this!"

When we saw the second one, we stayed quiet while he sat, 'looking' in our direction.

The second incredibly cool thing that happened was when we reached our destination: Lake Annette:

We walked around the lake a little bit to get a better look at the glacier high up on top of the mountains.

While we looked around we heard a loud roll of thunder. "Great," Greg said. We were about an hour and a half away from our car. While we were both looking up at the sky, Greg said, "Oh my God, it's an avalanche!"

No danger to us- it was way up on the highest mountain and not very big. But there was snow, falling down the rocky cliffs like sugar flowing out of an over turned bowl. Greg grabbed some shots:

One thing I like about these hikes is that we always see something new. The porcupines and the avalanche were pretty interesting. This hike wasn't as steep as Johnston Canyon, so it was a little bit easier even though it was a mile longer.

Lake Annette: 4 hours. Cranky Meter (how cranky did I get at some point during the hike?) 4 Frowny Faces out of 5. Why? Too long. Scary part where I had to walk over a snow drift on a cliff. Afraid I'd slip and fall. Felt woozy when we got to the lake and had trouble keeping my balance jumping from rock to rock in the water. Finally sat down and was stranded for about five minutes on a rock in shallow water until my head cleared. Nobody cared.

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