Monday, March 19, 2012

Fear and Writing

It's ironic that the mere decision to take writing more seriously gave me so much anxiety that I couldn't write at all. I couldn't work on my book, write an article or dash off a simple blog post. I was STUCK.

I tried to use my time wisely and continued to read about writing online and worked my way through a few memoirs, hoping it would help me write my own. I organized my memoir notes as well. I organized the hell out of my notes!

I became so sick of being disappointed in myself that something snapped (just write, dammit!). Today I wrote an article for Yahoo Voices and this blog post. Yay, me! I plan to continue the trend tomorrow and the next day and the next....


Anonymous said...

Yay !! I love to read your writing. Never thought you were going to finish part 2 of the Water blog. sheesh ,took forever1

No more fear :)

caryl said...

yes. you're right, I took forever to finish that story about the evacuation. But thanks so much for the words of encouragement!