Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Three Day Drive From Calgary to Houston

Greg and I wanted to bring the truck back to Texas, so we drove it down from Calgary. I was diagnosed with mono a few days before we left, but my doctor said it would be OK to go as long as I got a lot of sleep on the way. Those moments when I was awake, I snapped some pictures:

DAY 1, April 5th


DAY 2, April 6th


"Oh give me a home..."

OK, no buffalo, a few deer but A LOT of antelope:


Weird land formation:

Denver, 11:30am


Don't let that "Welcome to Texas" sign fool you. We still had whole day of driving ahead of us on Day 3 from the Panhandle of Texas, all the way down to Houston.

Three days of driving. Total hours on the road= 33. Total hours I was conscious= 10

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