Friday, August 24, 2007

A cheesy post

I ruined a pair of nice black pants today in the laundry. I was doing a white wash and when I poured in the bleach, tiny drops splashed on my pants as they sat folded on top of the dryer. It's OK, I guess. I've had them for a while and they actually hold an embarrassing memory for me.

I wore them to a funeral a few years ago.The church was packed. Toward the end of the service we had communion. In our church, we form a row in front of the altar, standing side by side, as the communion helpers come down the line with the bread and wine. When you're done, you leave and the next person steps in to fill your slot.

It wasn't until the funeral was over that I realized I had a square of cheese sticking to my derriere! Not a complete Kraft's single, thank God (ha) but it was still a 2"x 2" bright orange square of cheese floating on a pitch black background on my ASS as I stood at the altar in front of the entire congregation. I have no idea where it came from, but I'm assuming it's God's way of getting me back for all the times I fooled around in church.

Care to share an embarassing moment? C'mon, speak freely, no one comes in here, anyway!


Chicken & Waffles said...

Body of Christ, indeed, Caryl! Glad the church has upgraded from communion wafers to Cheese-Its.

I've had so many bad moments...honey, I could write a novel. Of course I documented it:

Dan Tangel said...

An embrassing moment in church ? I think not. I was the vision of spirituality. I sat still, didn't chew gum, paid attention to every single Biblical reference and understood every ancient Aramaic word - or was it Latin ? Okay, maybe I didn't pay attention. Maybe I did fight with my brothers but after all - "They hit me back FIRST !"
Actually, my embarrassing moment came at the expense of my Mom when we were in Radio City Music Hall celebrating with my first communion class by watching "The Greatest Story Every Told"- the movie about the life, trial and crucifixion of Jesus. In a still as air quiet movie theater (Yes, Radio City showed movies back in the day) I chose to ask OUT LOUD - "Is this a true story ?".

Maybe I should have paid a little more attention in Mass.

caryl said...

Danny! Is that true? That's so funny!

cathy said...

"Cheese-us" loves me, this I know...