Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Just For The Record

Taylor Hicks and Keb Mo perform "Sweet Home Chicago"

I'm tired of defending my appreciation for Taylor Hicks' music! (Listen up, Dan! *wink*) I'm gonna let this video speak for me. You don't have to just sit there and watch it, let it play while you check e-mail or fold laundry or whatever. Before it's over, you'll find yourself moving to the beat. Caution: additive.

A big shout-out to my buddy, tif, who was THERE and shot this video.


caryl said...

Everyone out there who has ever given me a hard time for being a fan of TH, I want to hear from you!! I'll name names if I have to: Dan (of course), Nancy, Bruce, Renee, ...must I go on? Did you listen to this? Did you like it, hate it? Did you turn it off right away? Did you skip this post altogether? Inguiring minds want to know.

jaybszoo said...

I made your Blog!! yeah, I loved it, but that's a given, huh?

Nice blog, Caryl!! I'm heading back to check out the rest since I got sidetracked on the Hick's video. :) (TIF)

jaybszoo said...

Caryl, here is a much clearer versionn of Sweet Home Chicago that Gray posted on Vimeo. The quality is so much better than youtube. Hope you and your readers enjoy!! :)

caryl said...

Thanks, tif! I'm not sure what I'm "allowed" to post here, so I appreciate your help!