Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Austin Soccer Tournament

This past weekend, my son and I motored off to Austin where his soccer team participated in a tournament. My husband had obligations elsewhere, so this trip was all me.

The team stayed at a very nice hotel. So nice, in fact, that I considered holing up in my room all weekend and skipping the games. But no, that wasn't an option. Even though I'm not a sports fan, I'm a huge fan of my son and will watch him do anything.

Lanky number 11 is my little baby. He requested, "No photos, please!" That's why I'm showing him from the back.

So, to make a long story short, the weekend basically sucked for me. I got lost just about every time I got behind the wheel of our car and whenever I did stumble upon the correct field, it was freakin hot on the sidelines. (Luckily my son rode with the team to the games and was always on time!) I wound up with a headache one night, missed "Big Brother" Sunday night and drove home in a rain storm on Monday:

My son, on the other hand, had a blast! His team took first place in the tourney and he enjoyed hanging out with the guys at the hotel. *sap alert* That made it all worthwhile.

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