Monday, September 3, 2007

Taylor Tuesday

Something's been nagging at me for a while concerning Taylor Hicks. It's a subject which clearly annoys him whenever it's mentioned, but I feel something must be said. Let's stop speaking of it in hushed tones, in darkened chat rooms and bring it out into the light for discussion. (deep breath) It's his hair.

I don't care that it's gray. In fact, Taylor's hair is such a beautiful shade of gray that it shimmers silvery under the lights. It's lovely. It makes you want to slide your fingers through it What were we talking about? Oh right, his hair.

I get the impression he simply doesn't want to be bothered with some kind of a trendy style. But whenever Taylor is left to his own devices, he falls back on that little boy haircut with bangs:

My favorite photos of the T-man show him sporting a bit of product just right there in the front:

Of course, since Taylor's an impatient kinda guy, I'm afraid if he attempted it himself, it would probably look like this:

So here's what I'm thinking. Taylor needs to add a stylist to his entourage for the next tour. And since it was my idea, I think it should be me. ;)

*Editor's note: The original title for this piece was "Banging Taylor Hicks", but the moderator of this blog (me) noticed the author (again, me) had difficultly concentrating on the body...of...uh...what? Something about bangs. Oh, right, "Banging Taylor Hicks." I mean like this:

Keep it clean, people! 


Jennifer said...

Halle-freaking-lujah, Caryl!! It is all about the bangs. With bangs = dork. Without bangs - super smoking HAWT.

It's weird, really. Reminds me of that one girl Seinfeld dated that was beautiful half the time and homely the other half. Not that Taylor could be homely, but you know what I am saying. Amazing what a difference it makes.

Sunny said...

I like the full shaggy hair the best, the short clip makes him look 60 and like he should work for IBM. Man, Tay let that thick hair fluff and grow! I loved the look he had with his bangs thick and long. Man, that was hot.

jan.noel said...

I tend to agree with you Caryl,although Sunny has a valid point when she mentions that with certain styles he does look 60 instead of 30!

I think there is a happy medium to 'banging' Taylor. A stylist could show him how to tame that mane with just a little product and some hand work. Or, maybe a hand job would help :-)

See, I'm bad as ever!

caryl said...

You guys crack me up!

I totally understand what you're talking about, Jennifer. The photo of Taylor from my m&g isn't so great and I can't put my finger on why. And I also agree with you: just say no to bangs.

I'm not crazy about the shaggy hair, sunny, but you are certainly entitled to your opinion! Thanks for voicing an alternate view. :)

And, Jan? What can I say? Thanks for playing along! (I better not say another word because I gave my entire family a link to my blog!)

Kenzie said...

i like his hair anyway really, im just glad someone finally brought it up!!! WAY TO GO CARYL!!!!

Lubiana said...

What a cute blog! I hadn't seen it before. Thanks for the laugh! :D

Judy said...

Now this is FUNNY! What a great subject -- Taylor's hair. I am just glad he has hair - he is hawt anyway you comb it!

The Memory Keeper's Noise said...

"Banging Taylor" happens to be my favorite subject! :P

I'm in the GQ hair gel camp myself.