Thursday, October 2, 2008


I installed a tracker on my blog months ago but, no need to worry, I don't know what any of it means! The only reason I decided to use one was because I was curious to see how many people come here in a day. You can't tell by the comments.

It's surprising how many people pop into my blog from all over the world. Look at the list: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Singapore, Italy, Brazil, Belgium, Mexico, India, Trinidad, Tobago, France, Puerto Rico, Germany, Philippines and Spain.

The number of daily hits and the list of countries they come from is about all I can make sense of. I'm not a very serious blogger, so the rest of it doesn't matter to me anyway.

But I have become self-conscious when I visit other blogs. I know that some of my favorite bloggers keep track of who stops by, when and how often. Frankly it's annoying. Nobody needs to track me. I'm harmless. I have no hidden agendas. But I know you'll do it anyway so I feel I have to explain my computer habits.

This drives my kids crazy. They say it slows down the computer, but I like to open up everything that I want to take care of at one time and then work my way down the list. In other words, I've been known to have 10-20 (!) websites, blogs and e-mails open at the same time. I get a big, hot cup of coffee and get to work, starting at the top and working my way down.

I know! It's weird and it's wrong, but I get satisfaction out of closing the last page (is that what you call it?) and knowing that I'm done online. So if I seem to be lingering at your blog for an hour or so, I'm not actually there. Your blog is waiting in line for my attention.

Another thing I do is refresh, refresh, refresh if I leave a comment somewhere. I've just got to know if someone responded to me! So you may sit back and wonder why I'm so obsessed with your blog that I visited ten times that day, when in reality, I'm just obsessed with myself. (ha) I worry too much about being misunderstood, so I have to keep up with how people react to my comments.

So, in a nutshell, Yes-I have a tracker but I don't know how to use it. And Yes-I know you're tracking me even though it's useless information (I'm not up to anything!).


Soulfully Blonde said...

I only have a tracker so that I know anyone at all comes by, like you said, if you don't get comments who can tell! What baffles me is the ones who seem to come directly to my blog over and over and never say a peep and I have no clue who they are! If I visit a place time and time again, I am eventually going to want to say something because obviously I am going there cause I like it. I guess its one of those unexplainable things!

jerseyirish said...

Caryl, I do the same thing open up a bunch of sites, refresh, my kids yell at me all the time, telling me my computer is slow because I do that. It works for me so if its a little slow I'm not going anywhere.

You know what I visit blogs and sometimes my comments just don't show up not sure why I hit submit and they disappear, I must not be doing something right, doesn't say they are in moderation they just disappear.

Kenzie said...

haha! Youre not the only one that does all that! I love it! Now I know that Im not the only one!! :)

Chicken And Waffles said...

I confess that I have an sitemeter registration on my blog, but I haven't checked it in at least six months. I'm not sure where readers (and I use that term loosely) come from. I just hope people might read once in awhile and get my POV. And if they don't, I hope they will set me straight. I value that equally.