Friday, October 31, 2008


During the week leading up to Halloween I become sufficiently spooked watching everything and anything on TV that has to do with ghosts. I enjoy getting the creeps from such shows as, "Scariest Places on Earth," "Haunted Hotels" and "Ghost Hunters," just to name a few.

I tune in for amusement. It's fun to think that there may still be some mysteries in this world that can't be explained by science or logic.

My family has experienced something we can't explain but are happy to share with anyone foolish enough to wind up in our clutches. We tell our stories, offer the evidence, and shoot down whatever theory may be presented. No one has been able to explain what has shown up in our photos. I can only give the facts and will let you draw your own conclusions. Prepare to be spooked.

My dad died a few months before my sister's wedding. His absence was heavy on the minds of all who attended, especially as my nephew escorted her down the aisle. When we developed our pictures, some were dotted with bright circles of light in varying sizes. They weren't dust particles or some kind of glare.

Paranormal investigators call them, "orbs." One of these orbs floated right above my sister's head as she walked back down the aisle with her new husband.

Since then these bright, perfect circles of light have appeared from time to time in photos we've taken of significant events. We've never had them show up before my dad's death. But now, despite different locations, different times of day, even with different cameras, the orbs appear.

The truth is, I don't want to know what they are. Let me go on believing that "there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy" and that maybe love really does conquer all. Even death.

(I can't post any of our photos at the moment. I'll have to add them some time tomorrow. Sorry 'bout that!)


Kenzie said...

OOOOO. I love scary stuff like that!

My sister is obsessed with it though, she is constantly watching those shows. The ones on the Discovery and the Sci-Fi Channel. If you get a chance to upload the photos, I'd love to share them with her. :)

jerseyirish said...

Caryl, I do believe in the paranormal. The night my Dad passed when we got home the house was unusually cold. It was a mid April in Jersey starting to get warm, but the house was a chilling cold dark feeling. Later that night as family and friends arrived my brother said to me keep the fron door closed. He went away came back a little bit later and said I told you to keep the door closed, I said no one had come in. He looked over in our dining room we had a door that led out to a patio which was never opened only when we went out to eat on the patio. He said who opened that door? I didn't know, with that one of his friends came up from our basement and said the door was open so he just came in. We had come in the front door that night no one had been downstairs. He went down to close the door when he came back up the front and side doors were open again. Now we are all starting to freak. He got rope and tied the handle of the storm and brought the rope and tied the knob of the door did the same with the side door. Came back both were open again. At that point he just gave up. We could not close any doors in the house they would just reopen. The day my Dad was buried two of my cousins and one of my friends decided they would go to the funeral mass but not the burial they would go back to the house and get the food ready for our return. When we got home the house was warm and sunny again. They said about 11:00 the house just started to warm up then they heard all three doors close. Nothing ever happened again we just came to the conclusion that it was my Dad making his way, letting us know he was still around. As a younger person I was always afraid to be alone in the house after his burial I was no longer afraid I always felt a calming presence around me.

caryl said...

wow, that's quite a story, JI! I enjoyed reading it. wow.

I still don't have time to upload or scan my photos! It's been a busy day. We're having company for dinner and I just have a moment now to pop in.

Sunny said...

JI, I've a similar story. My Grandfather had been gone for about a year, we took a trip up to visit my Grandmother. She lived on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. They had this lovely house with a back porch that family and close friends used. It was about 10 p.m. and we were in the television room when we heard the distinct sound of that back porch door open and close.

My Grandmother did not say anything or seem alarmed. I asked her if she heard the door, and who could be coming over that late, she turned to me and said, "That's just Roy (Grandfather). Every night he still checks the house to make sure the doors are locked."

My husband and I looked at one another; she was getting on in years. He got up and went to the kitchen to check it out. No one was there, that back porch door was locked and latched.

Grandmother said it happens every night, it did not bother her.

In a more recent happening at our home, this Summer we went to California for a while. Had a friend and his daughters staying at the house. One daughter refuses to come over anymore, ha. She and her Dad swear that there was a presence here that was watching them. They saw it several times wandering from the den to the kitchen and in the hallway.

My Darling Man said it's his Mom, she lived with us until her passing a few years ago. She was likely wondering why they were there.
*scary music*

caryl said...

I'm loving these stories! I've never had an experience like the ones JL and Sunny write about.

My grandmother died in our house when I was little and I couldn't sleep in her room right up until the day my parents moved out of that house (in my 30's). I was terrified I'd see her. But my Mom would always say, "Why would you be afraid of her? If you did see anything, she would be a nice ghost." Mom was right about that, but I never saw or heard anything.

Now I kind of long for that sort of experience. I think it would be comforting to know that the people you love are still around in some way.

Anonymous said...

Caryl, I was like you when my Dad passed wouldn't stay in my room alone. Made my brother, boyfriend, and a couple of my brothers friends sleep in my room with me for weeks also I wouldn't turn the light off. Which to this day they still bust me about. (My Dad is gone 33 years)

I have a picture story that is pretty creepy. Back when they were first becoming aware of drunk driving and its effects. A good friend of mine was killed in a one car dwi crash. His folks wanted to show what drinking and driving did, they let the State Police put his car on display for all to see. My girlfriend was an Art Major also taking photo. She was doing her year end project on drunk driving through photos. She approached Mike's folks and asked if she could take a picture of his car and grave, she wanted to superimpose the car going into the grave. They were fine with it. Her and I went she took the pictures of the car then went to the cemetery and took pictures of the grave. That Monday she called me at work and said you got to come to the photo lab your not going to f'ing believe this. I got to the schools lab she showed me the pictures of the car and grave then the picture of the car superimposed going into the grave, and very clearly on the drivers side door window you could see his face image. Wasn't on the stand alone picture of the car only on the one of it going into the grave. Totally freaked everyone out, she did finally showed it to his Mom and she said he had the look on his face like when he did something wrong sorta telling everyone he screwed up.

I think everyone has some scary stories of the supernatual, great topic.

caryl said...

omg, anonymous! Is that true? Wow, that's really something.

I've had really vivid dreams in the past. For instance, when a friend died in a car accident, I took it really hard. Couldn't stop thinking about it. Then I dreamt that she came to me and told me it was OK. She always was sort of maternal towards me. A feeling of peace came over me that I could still feel when I woke up.

And another time when I was obsessed with something that I had done wrong. (It didn't hurt anybody, but I had lied about something and was feeling bad about myself.) I dreamt that someone whispered, "Let it go" and again I felt peaceful and calm.

I've always written that sort of thing off as just a dream, but who knows?

John Edward says that if you can remember all the details of a dream involving a deceased loved one, it's a visitation.

Bluesgirl said...

When I was 14 my sister who was 15 years my senior was killed in a car accident on the way to work. In spite of our age difference ,we were very close.

She was a Spanish Teacher and at the time was living in my grandfathers house next door to ours. I frequently waited until the last minute to do my spanish homework and the night before she died was no exception. Except this time, for the first time she refused to help me because it was so late. I got mad at her and hung up in her face.

Two nights after she died, I was laying in my bed trying to go to sleep. After her death, I was upset that I had not gotten to see her that one last time and worried that she had been angry with me about my homework. As I was laying there the rocking chair next to my bed began to rock back and forth. It was the middle of he winter so there was no draft from an open window that could have caused this. The chair rocked for a few seconds and then suddenly my sister was sitting it. She was smiling at me and sat there looking at me for about 3 minutes. I told her that I loved her but did not do anythinbg else but stare in shock. Then she waved goodbye to me and she was gone. After she left I ran downstairs and told my Mother about my visitor. The next morning the clothes, I had piled on the chair were on the floor.

Later that day, my Mother and I and relayed the story to her husband and wondered if he also had a visit. He had not. He asked me how she looked and I said "peaceful. I think he was somewhat skeptical. I also noted to him how strange it was that she was wearing the identical outfit we had both bought on seperate shopping trips a couple of months earlier. His face turned ashen and he said "that was the outfit she was wearing the day she died". I had no prior knowledge what she was wearing the day she was killed. I have never had any doubt in my mind that my sister came back to say good-bye.

She never visited me or anyone else again. I have always felt she came back to me because she wanted to make peace between us before she passed over. I have always been comforted by this gesture.

I have had several other visits from spirits but this is the one that has left a lasting impression.

caryl said...

Wow!!(Do I keep saying "wow"? That's what pops into my head as I read these stories. lol) That's an amazing story, bluesgirl.

You know, I think I remember reading that doctors acknowledge that bereaved people have visits from the person who died. I should do a search for that.

jerseyirish said...

Caryl, Must have hit something wrong I put up the post about my friend being killed in the dwi. It is very true that the image of his face was in the car window. Everyone who looked at the picture picked up on it right away.

Bluesgirl, I believe that ones that have passed will come back in some way to let you know things are ok.
Dosen't happen all the time with everyone, but when something needs to be done they make their presence known. Your sister must have come back to let you know all was Ok. It is amazing how strong love is.

caryl said...

Gotcha, JI!

jerseyirish said...

Caryl, I had told my daughter about your ghost stories she had so much homework yesterday never got to read until this morning. She said you should put up Vicky's story. A lady she works with thought her house was haunted she called the Ghost Busters they have been in her house since August gathering information it will be on TV sometime in the Spring. I am going to try and put up the link. It is case #8 Lost Child. Here goes:

Hope it works it is a pretty good story and it has all been documented.


caryl said...

Oooo! Thanks, JI!

Lubiana said...

These are some amazing stories!