Thursday, May 7, 2009

Graduation Announcements

Can someone explain graduation announcements to me? We don't send them up north. I'm not being a jerk, I really don't understand their purpose. It's not an invitation. Am I supposed to send a gift when I get one of these in the mail?

My son is graduating from High School this year and I didn't order any announcements because I don't know what they're for. I don't' want people to feel obligated to send him a gift when we aren't' having a party. (We're doing a group thing at his friend's house.)

Did I make a big mistake by no ordering these things for my son?


jerseyirish said...

Caryl, I didn't order them for either of mine. I bought a pack of graduation cards at a card store and sent them with a picture to family and close friends about 10-15.

When you look at those graduation packages they send you, you could spend a foturne. Thanks goodness neither of mine wanted anything!!!


Margaret said...
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NolaMar said...

LOL Yes, send the announcements to people who care, and make sure he thanks everyone for the gifts. :D

(You could make your own on the computer since you didn't order any. Almost as nice and much cheaper.)

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