Monday, June 13, 2011

Bow Glacier Falls Hike

The hike starts at Bow Lake which is a little over a two hour drive from our apartment. The cool thing about this lake is that it feeds the Bow River, which runs right past our apartment building in Calgary. Our goal was to reach the "Bow Glacier Falls" which is runoff from a glacier that spills into the Bow Lake.

Got all that? A glacier feeds the falls which feeds the lake which feeds the river which runs past the house that Jack built.

First hike of the year! I was feeling anxious about it because Greg is in great shape and I didn't want to drag him down with my huffing and puffing and whining. And it didn't help that when we parked the car in Banff to get some lunch before the hike, I was exhausted just climbing the stairs to the restaurant.

I've been going down to the gym in our building everyday to ride the stationary bike for 30 minutes. Sometimes I'll follow that up by walking up the 15 flights back to our apartment. It's not a gruelling workout but it's something I'll actually DO.

I think it helped. The hike was six miles round trip and the only part I had trouble with was a steep rise. I hate those mothers! They make me feel like such a loser, having to stop to catch my breath, feeling my legs complaining. agh! But then again, I think I did OK for an old broad.

Enough talk. Let's look at some pretty pictures:

The ice on the lake surprised us.

Dude, that's ice:

OK, I'm tired of trying to figure out which pictures are the best, so I'm leaving them all. It's too many! I'm sorry! Maybe I'll delete some later. Just fly through them.

This is a trail marker:

Cranky Meter: 3 out of 5 Frowny Faces. Why? Very steep climb at one point well into the hike. Scary part walking up on a cliff.



Anonymous said...

Just gorgeous. Rivals some of Colorado's best scenery.


caryl said...

yes! It made the walking worth it. lol