Sunday, June 5, 2011


Vancouver, June 2011

Saturday night we saw Supertramp in concert in Calgary. My husband was a big fan back in the day and was probably the one who introduced me to their music. I have memories of us driving through the farmlands of upstate New York, his Volkswagen Beetle chugging along and "Long Way Home" floating from the radio and out the open windows. When I saw that Supertramp was coming here I knew we had to go.

The show took place in the Saddledome hockey arena with 8,000 people in attendance. The crowd consisted of mostly baby boomers (no surprise) but there were some young people sprinkled in. Marijuana wafted in the air (that was a surprise) along with the sound of thousands of people singing along to some very impressive musicianship.

I read that there was some controversy about the fact that one of the co founders, Roger Hodgson wasn't touring with the group, but if I hadn't seen that in the paper, I never would have known. Yes, I recognized that there were some young faces on stage but the sound was pure Supertramp.

I think they could have made better use of the jumbo-screens and there wasn't much banter, but- my God!- the way Rick Davis' hands flew over the piano keys while being accompanied by an eight piece band was worth the price of admission.

I found a setlist from 2010 and I think it was the same one we got here. From

  1. Encore:
  2. School
  3. Dreamer
  4. Crime of the Century

From our show:

From the official Supertramp website:

SUPERTRAMP 2011 TOUR DATES! from Supertramp on Vimeo.

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