Monday, October 31, 2011

Thrill the World

One of the fun things about living downtown is that we get to simply walk over and watch unusual events going on. Saturday night we ate dinner at home and then headed over to the Eau Claire Market to watch "Thrill The World."

From their website:

What is "Thrill The World?"   
It is friends, families and other local residents
who each year join together with thousands of other people around the globe
to  break the World Record for the Largest Simultaneous Dance to Michael Jackson's Thriller!:

At exactly 8:00pm, our time, participants from around the world cued up that great song, "Thriller" and began to dance. 

Here is the Leader of Calgary's Zombies, giving last minute instructions. I wonder what those kids are thinking?
The Zombies wait.

The Zombie watchers wait.
"Places, everybody! 10, 9, 8..."

And they danced...
Zombie style!

Did I ever tell you that the Thriller video gives the creeps? The first time I saw it was at a friend's house and it scared me so much that I RAN home, terrified. I was about 25. What a weirdo.

Anyway, here's a video from Thrill The World, Calgary. Since I can't find a really great one, I'll post one of the shorter ones which also includes a cute cameo by a little boy (I have no idea who he is.)


Linda said...

That is wicked cool!
Would love to see a group here join in the international fun idea.

(btw - that's wicked as in Maine-speak for 'super plus', not as in scary bad)

caryl said...

I'm familiar with the NE 'Wicked' as in "wicked awesome!!" so no worries, mate. (I have no idea why I lapsed into Australian, eh?)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

sooooo awesome!!!! Cathy

rkool said...

Had a blast! What's better than dancing for a cause? :)