Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Who Am I, Snow White?

Query: Did the woodland animals ultimately tear Snow White to shreds? Why do I want to know? No reason, just a random, hypothetical question. 

Yesterday, walking home through Prince's Island Park, a black squirrel stopped me and asked  if I had anything for him to eat.

I was so impressed with his use of the English language (almost no hint of a Canadian accent!), that I tore off a corner of bread from the loaf I had just bought and tossed it to him. I continued on my way until I noticed a gray squirrel dancing circles around me.

"What about me, eh?" he asked. Despite the blatant use of Canadian slang, I tossed him a small piece of bread as well.

I turned to resume my walk home when two magpies swooped down and landed next to me. 

"S'up?" one of them said to the other.
"I think we've got a live one." bird #2 replied. "Watch this."

"I'm terribly hungry," he said to me. 

"You think I didn't hear what you just said?" I spat at him. "Forget it! I won't be played." 

What followed was like a scene from "The Birds." Magpies swooped down from every direction. The black and the grey squirrels returned. I looked around for other humans, but saw none. They all stared at me, waiting for my next move. Staring...waiting....

I shrugged and walked home and had a piece of toast.

What? You were expecting maybe a chase scene? Wake up, this is reality.


Anonymous said...

You have gone around the bend! Oh wait a minute - I think I just heard a rabbit tapping on my door...gotta go!

Lois Meyer said...

The rabbit just wanted to know what time it is - he thought he wass late for something!