Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day in Banff

I wish I loved hiking. I love the payoff: the incredible views, the occasional wildlife, the silence. But I can't imagine any human (or mountain goat) loving the effort it takes to get there. Still, I agreed to go on a hike on Mother's Day with my husband and our friend, Steve because I want to experience everything Canada has to offer before our short time here is over. 

I picked a trail up Tunnel Mountain in Banff National Park. The first time we tackled this hike I absolutely hated it. There are several steep inclines which left me struggling to breathe. Since then, my doctor suggested I may have "exercise induced asthma." Never heard of it- but I was prescribed an inhaler which I used right before heading up the dirt path on Sunday. It helped! So the payoff for everyone that day was gorgeous weather, unbelievable views of Banff and a Mom who didn't act like a mutha. Yay!

And now your payoff for reading here: 

We made a few stops during the drive home.

Two Jack Lake:

Lake Minnewanka:

Three Sisters- three peaks named Big Sister (Faith), Middle Sister (Charity) and Little Sister (Hope). :

Bonus. We saw more sheep during the drive to Banff.

"OMG, what a snob! He didn't even say 'hi!"


Anonymous said...

It's just so gorgeous. Really need to explore Canadia.


caryl said...


Anonymous said...

Caryl, What beautiful pictures!! Gald you enjoyed your Mother's Day "hike"


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos! Thanks for taking us along! CapeLizard

caryl said...

Thanks, JI. It was a nice day. My fav part was probably lunch. lol

caryl said...

You all are great company, CL!

Mary Ann said...

Wow, what a gorgeous country! Are you sure you even want to leave Canada so soon?

caryl said...


Barbara Russell said...

Beautiful pictures!! I especially like the sheep. Glad you are enjoying Canada.