Wednesday, October 10, 2012

East Meets West

American friends of ours who are very familiar with the east coast of Canada visited us this past weekend here in the wild west. We had three full days to show them all the wonders of the Canadian Rockies and Calgary's downtown. Mission accomplished!

I jest. It would be impossible to fully experience the Rockies and the city of Calgary in a lifetime let alone three days. But we made our best effort to hit the highlights during their stay and with some careful planning and a bit of luck, we saw some amazing things: (click on the photos to see them larger)

Bow Lake

Peyto Lake

The Athabasca Glacier

We rode this vehicle on to the glacier and then walked around on that bad boy.

A Grizzly Bear 

A Bald Eagle
(across from our building in Calgary!)

Rocky Mountain Sheep

Moraine Lake

Lake Louise

The Banff Springs Hotel

Elk on the Banff Springs Golf Course

Not bad for such a short visit, right? During our drives to these amazing sights, we had plenty of time to catch up with one another and then, after the car was safely parked at home, we shared some great food and drink. We were all hoping for a weekend like this- time with some great company while doing interesting things. Mission accomplished.

"Hi, I'm Jeff. On behalf of all of us I'd like to say thank you for reading about our weekend! Hope you enjoyed this blog post as much as we did living it. Cheers!"


Anonymous said...

Caryl, The pictures are just breathtaking, beautiful. So glad you all had a great time!


caryl said...

The last photo makes me laugh every time. It was supposed to be a regular old group shot, but it looks like Jeff is about to make a speech! ha!

Anonymous said...

Holy cow! You must make some of those pictures into big posters and put them on display in your TX home when you retire. They are awesome!!! Glad you had a nice visit. I wish I could visit you too!!! Your NE family

caryl said...

That's the plan, Ileana!

Anonymous said...

I stop by your blog as often as I can and you always have some awesome pics and fun adventures to share. Your pictures are so beautiful. You really have a great eye for photography! Helene

caryl said...

Thanks so much, Helene! You have no idea how much I appreciate that.