Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Real Housewives

First, there were 
The Real Housewives of Orange County:

Then there were 
The Real Housewives of New York City:

But none of them compare to 
The Real Housewives of Calgary!
The Drama!

The Intrigue!

The quiet moments wondering who to trust! 

And a case of mistaken identity!

"I'm a cowboy,
not a housewife!"

Well...none of that happened! Instead, we shared some lovely outings, delicious food, maybe a tiny bit of wine and a whole lot of laughter. Frankly, The Real Housewives of Calgary are the only Real Housewives I care to know.

Next season will begin with some cast changes. And though the new Housewives will provide many more good times, I'll look back on the original cast with much fondness. Good luck, Caroline and Juanita, in your new  time slots  adventures! We'll miss you.


Anonymous said...

I wish I had a support group (I mean real housewives) of Nebraska!

caryl said...


Mom said...

Yup....that's us...REAL housewives! You planned it with our little maple leaves...sneaky! It has been a treat for me to find kindred spirits and though we lose friends to moves and job changes, we never lose our memories! Thanks for creating a memory to smile about!


caryl said...

What a nice comment! thanks, Gail!