Tuesday, April 8, 2008


My son, Jake, and his friend, Tim, were trapped inside this car one week ago today, waiting for help while Jake held Tim's head up against his shoulder. Thankfully, they're both OK. After the accident, Tim was life-flighted to a hospital, but he's made an incredible recovery. Four days after his helicopter ride, he was sent home from the hospital! Jake and I dropped by and he was up and walking around. Amazing.

I've never been big on prayer. Too many terrible things happen to people even though they fervently prayed for help. But when I got that call early, early Tuesday morning from Jake and was feeling helpless, talking in my head to some greater being was a comfort.

I sent around e-mails to everyone I know and they responded with a promise to pray for all involved. I even got the Soul Patrol in the act! I've never claimed to be a member of the Soul Patrol (though I am a Taylor Hicks fan), but I'm not embarrassed to say I started a prayer request at Taylor Hicks' official website. Jake told me later that he prayed, too, for the first time in about seven years.

I don't know if all the prayers being sent up from around the country contributed to Tim going from intensive care on Tuesday to walking around normally at home on Friday, but it's given me something to think about.

Thank you all for the positive thoughts, caring messages and most of all, thanks for your prayers.


Julie said...

You know, there have been studies done on hospital patients where one group is prayed over and another group is not. Even though the patients themselves are unaware that they are either being prayed for or not, the group being prayed over heals faster and is released from the hospital more quickly than the other group. These are real cientific studies. Cool.

I am so glad Jake and Tim are better. That was scary.

KarinP said...

You and your family have been through such a horrific ordeal. I know personally what it is like when there is such a terrible accidet.

I am not 'big" on outwardly expressing my thoughts about prayer, but I really think that it makes a huge difference when you have people on your side. We will never know for sure but I am sure that it helped you as well to express your concern and reach out for help.

Both your son and his friend had angels on their shoulders, there is no doubt about that! I am happy to hear that they are both okay.

I often read your blog because it is always very interesting. I felt that I needed to post a comment on this one. Hope everyone continues to recover physically and emotionally.

caryl said...

Julie- that's really interesting! Wow, I'm glad you told me that.

karinp- thanks for commenting. It helps to know that people are sympathetic and that they care.

Now the challenge is the aftermath. My son is suffering from a great deal of anxiety. We're getting counseling and have seen a doctor, but it's still a one-day-at-a-time kind of thing.

Lubiana said...

Prayer works because there really is a loving God who cares about us. Do yourself a huge favor and seek Him out. I don't know how people can live without God watching over them. I wish you and your family all the best!

lois meyer said...

I first thought that maybe Jake should have a copy of that picture to look at from time to time but then I thought, he has that picture - in his head - along with all the other details of that terrible accident.

Thank God they both survived the accident but, you're right, now to deal with the aftermath.

Jake is such an intelligent boy with a winsome smile and such great possibilities. I hope he knows how much we all love him and wish him a bright future.

Caryl's Mom and Jake's Grandma

Bluesgirl said...

Caryl, I gasped when I first saw this picture and can only imagine the fear they felt being trapped. I am so very glad that Jake and Tim are on the road to recovery. The emotional stuff can be just as difficult as the physical. I'm glad that you are seeking therapy for him because some people just figure they can "move on" and never talk about it again. This is not the case. Jake is lucky to have such a caring and sensitive Mother. Caryl, my prayers are with you and your family. The power of prayer is often nothing short of a miracle.

Anonymous said...

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caryl said...

bluesgirl: thanks for giving me some praise. I've been feeling like a terrible mother. I kept thinking, "Of course it's my fault. I raised him!" But people keep telling me that Jake makes his own decisions.

ANYWAY, I appreciate your comments.

Julie said...

Caryl, get him a good therapist. If he doesn't 'click' with the first one you find, change to a different one. I can tell you firsthand what a difference a really good counselor can make in your life. I speak from experience!!!

My thoughts and prayers are still with you all.

caryl said...

We've worked with therapists before with him and he never cooperated. This time, though, he knows it's important and we found someone he respects and will talk to.

I know I need a new blog entry, but my heart's not in it right now. Maybe next week. I appreciate all your comments so much.

Kenzie said...

Caryl, I'm glad to hear that everyone is ok. It was heartbreaking when I first heard the news. I understand what you mean by being careful. I've always been given the speech about drinking and driving, enough to scare me. Although I've drank at times, I've never been in the car with anyone drinking, nor have I driven while drinking. It scares me too much. Every Friday and Saturday night home from work, I drive with extreme precautions at every intersection.

It helps a lot to know that everyone is ok. And I'm glad to hear that everyone will hold their hearts out to someone in need.

:) Kenzie