Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Taylor Tuesday- It's NOT All About The Music

Dear Taylor Hicks,

We've tried. Lord knows, we've tried to be good little fans by focusing on the music. We listen to the CDs you recommend, we drop in at the serious Taylor Hicks blogs and maybe even attempt a quasi-intelligent comment, but geez, man. Who are we kidding?

The music is great, don't get me wrong. But your appeal goes beyond soulful melodies and compelling lyrics. But you already knew that, didn't you? When they were teaching you how to work the camera on AI, I think you may have taken a couple of extra lessons.

You made us fall in love with you. That's right, our annoying obsession with you is your own fault. Your passion, your joy, your determination became intertwined with the music and we became helpless victims.

Have mercy.

I dedicate this blog entry to www.righthickssave.wordpress.com, who reminded me that sometimes- yes, sometimes- in this crazy, mixed-up world (*sniff*), being superficial can be fun. My humble thanks.


Anonymous said...

amen sister!!!

Harp said...

Superficial is good for the soul. It’s my middle name. :D

Don't get me wrong, I love to talk music too, but, let's face it..

The man is a soul singer. He’s supposed to ‘make us feel that way’ and he does a good job of it too. :D

Lubiana said...

ARRRRGGHHH! He's just so beautiful! How can we stand it?

jamie said...

I LOVE that last pic of Taylor with the harp! I would LOVE to use that pic as part of our poster series for the Harmonica Jam Workshop on May 10th at the AMHOF if you would allow us to do so. Taylor's posters will be printed in blk/wht and displayed in the banquet hall. Our plan is to get him to autograph them then give them out to the kids as prizes.

Please email me @whompinpawz@aol.com attn: Jamie

You will receive full credit for the image.



caryl said...

Jamie-I didn't take that photo and I don't remember where I lifted it from. I could post it at HQ and ask if anyone knows who took it. It's a beauty.

soulaz said...

Cool blog, Caryl . . . I look forward to reading all your posts!

Oh, and here's the dealio . . . I don't want to direct Taylor's career or his personal life. I'll let him handle those details. I just want to dig on his awesome music, marvel at his amazing performances, and oogle and drool just a bit over his physical appearance. It's a simple existence I lead . . . but it sure makes me smile a whole lot.

I'm not sure if "oogle" is a word, but I think it should be.

caryl said...

soulaz: I recommend the "Taylor Tuesday" entries. Those are the ones I really work on. The rest is fluff!

"oogle" is a word! I didn't find it in the dictionary, but we all know what it means.;)

Kenzie said...

His harmonica looks tiny... well, at least in that last pic. It's a good picture but his hands look so big.

(and my mind just went in the gutter.)

Anonymous said...

lol Kenzie!