Saturday, June 7, 2008

Bad Day (Revised)

Nobody died, but this photo reflects my mood.

Everybody's mad at me today. Seriously- everyone who lives in my house yelled at me today. So in the midst of this foul mood, I typed up a post about Taylor Hicks which made some of his fans mad. Yay! More people mad at me.

I deleted it, because that's really not me. It was kind of harsh. But- if I am allowed to express some honest emotions- I'm really sad about him doing Broadway. I'm just sad, OK?

I'm not giving up on him, I'm not going to spread nasty messages all over the boards. I'm only human, though. Bad moods happen. But I should identify what I'm mad about before I start to type.

So, to those of you who wanted to comment, have at it. Tell me why this silly role he's playing isn't so bad. Really. I'd love to have something to feel good about today.


Julie said...

The moral seems to be "Don't let foxes play in ice cream cones"? "Wise bunnies are outnumbered by foolish bunnies"? "The emperor still has no clothes"?

I'm with you, girl.

Anonymous said...


There goes the positive blog!!

caryl said...

Yeah, see? I knew I couldn't talk about it. I just want someone to make me feel better about this. I actually cried today because it feels like something has ended. Something I really enjoyed. (It's so queer that I cried about it! What's up with that?)

caryl said...

Why can't we talk honestly, anyway?

Anonymous said...

You are referring to the opening, right?

If you cried, you are way too invested in Mr. Hicks career.

caryl said...

You know what? Anonymous has made me feel bad. Julie will think I'm a coward, but I really don't want to spread negativity, so I'm taking this down.

And now I feel like crying again. I hate that I have no one to talk to about this.

I already decided to post great videos of TH on Taylor Tuesdays to remind all of us of what he's capable of. But I thought I could get away with one honest post before doing that.

anonymous: you win.

caryl said...

OK, one more: anonymous (haha, I'm sure I know you), I cried because it feels like the whole experience is over. You know, the community, the great music, the shows, the fun discussions. All the great blogs are gone, all the most interesting posters are gone. It was so fun while it lasted and it makes me sad that it seems to be over.

caryl said...

anonymous is mean

Anonymous said...

What makes you sad Caryl? You are disappointed that Taylor wasn't somebody you thought he was? It seems to me that there are many, many facets of this man. He is grabbing life by the balls and loving every minute of it! Taylor is a very talented singer and PERFORMER. This Broadway stint is no different than his AI experience. Remember on AI he was playful, goofy, yet sometimes very serious and intense.

I'm going to quote this from another blog that I visit every day.
Go visit her site!

"It just goes to show me that Taylor Hicks can do anything as a performer - that nothing is out of his reach or grasp or capability, whether it's being a platinum selling recording artist, or a dirty-ass bar blues singer in some hole-in-the wall club, a business-savy guy who is opening up a 6,000 sq. ft nightclub in Birmingham Al, wowing a television audience and getting 67 million people to vote for him as their American Idol Winner '06, or performing on a Broadway stage and bringing both a bunch of hard core New Yawkers and tourists to their feet in roaring applause. Taylor F. Hicks is a STAR, people, and don't forget that and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!"

Julie said...

Caryl, is this your blog or anonymous's blog?

Coward. ;-)

caryl said...

You know what I just realized?

anonymous said:
"This Broadway stint is no different than his AI experience. Remember on AI he was playful, goofy, yet sometimes very serious and intense."

I didn't watch AI. Maybe that's why I have such a different perception of Taylor. I remember catching him singing "Trouble" by accident and was blown away. Then I forgot about the show until the finale was being advertised, so I watched that.

But I immediately forgot about him again until I saw him on TV around the holidays. I thought to myself, "Oh, yeah, I liked that guy. Wonder if he has a CD out." I got online and it was all over for me. I got hooked.

But at that time everyone was talking about how stubborn Taylor was and how he was fighting to make the CD his way. I thought that was so interesting and I admired that about him. I guess that's the way I see him.

So for that stubborn guy who refused to sing that first song they handed him on AI (you guys call it the coronation song, I think?) to be wearing his hair in a pompadour (*cringe*) and doing the hand-jive, well, it doesn't add up in my mind.

But I'm just going to have to lighten up, huh?

CarleneG said...

I guess the thing I don't understand about you is this...How can you look at all those pictures of Taylor in the show and after and feel sad? How can you look into the face of such pure joy and feel SAD?!
Its just a part in a show. Taylor wants to do it all, doing this doesn't mean he is abandoning the sort of music you want him to make. Taylor was fighting to be who he is, totally who he is, in all the different ways he chooses to express himself.
Its your choice whether you wish to see the glass as half-full or half-empty. But look at his face in those pictures again. How many of us ever experience that much pure joy in what we do?
And as far as the community-read the Boogie Board from last night and today, lots of old faces who have been gone for awhile now are back. And enjoying Taylor's happiness. The discussions have been more fun than they have been in a really long time. I don't think its over at all, I think its coming back to life after a very dark time. Maybe Taylor knew we needed something happy for a change.
I don't know if this will help, I hope so, because I really think there is nothing to be sad about!

Anonymous said...


You need to go to You Tube and watch ALL of Taylor's AI performances. This will enlighten you as to the kind of singer/performer he is.

Taylor can be very serious about his music and yet he can also lighten up and have fun. Look up "Dancing Queen" on You Tube from his concert tour last year in Seattle. Talk about not taking himself serious and having alot of fun! That performance was awesome!

Remember the purple jacket on the finale? This Grease performance is no different. And yes, he was defiant with AI on his song selections and fought to make his CD his way. This man knows what he wants and is determined to do it his way.

Again, the many facets of Taylor Hicks. You're either a fan for life and accept Taylor for who he is, or you move on.

I for one, look forward to the next journey Taylor takes me on.

caryl said...

I like what you all have to say. It's interesting.

But why do you have to be a fan for life or move on? Why does it have to be so black and white?

You guys have no idea what Taylor's music has done for me. I know you've heard this all before, but he really did raise me up out of a dark place. I love him for that.

But this role in Grease doesn't appeal to me. I'll still be here when the new CD comes out.

Read this to learn more about what this whole experience has meant to me:

Anonymous said...

"You guys have no idea what Taylor's music has done for me. I know you've heard this all before, but he really did raise me up out of a dark place. I love him for that."

Oh yeah, we ALL know exactly what Taylor's music has done for ALL OF US! That's why WE ALL love him so much. He awakened and rejuvenated ALL OF US. Welcome to Taylor Hicks' fan club. He has brightened up all of our lives one way or another.

CarleneG said...

See thats the thing...the role in Grease doesn't have to appeal to you. Personally, I no likey Grease! Too much cheese for me, I've never been able to watch the whole thing...but if I was a performer like Taylor, I can see where it would be LOTS of fun to do! And from what media I've seen and heard, he did a fantastic job with it. You don't have to like it, or want to go see it, just be willing to let him enjoy it and have some fun, without thinking the sky is falling and its the END.

I understand about Taylor's music having the ability to lift someone out of a dark place in their life, truly I do. I think he has had that effect on a lot of us, myself included. Its the joy that he has for what he does, and that he puts into his music. ALL of his music, the very serious, and the somewhat silly (Play That Funky Music makes me smile, no matter what else is going on in my life...and it doesn't get much goofier than that!)
The somewhat dorky goof, and the serious blues and soul man both reside inside Mr. Hicks...and I suspect there are a goodly number of other Taylors in there too! I look forward to meeting them.

Anonymous said...

I understand what you mean by Taylors music getting you through a bad time. The last two years for me have been a really rough and life changing time. The thing that kept me from getting really down way listening, watching, and discovering Taylor. I love his voice, it lifts my spirts. Always.
I loved watching him win AI, then discovering his older music, finding out about the life he had lived, just watching him enjoying him. But Taylor Hicks is not living his life for me, he is living it for himself and thats as it should be. I listened to him sing Beauty School Dropout, just a sill song, but a fun one and his voice was just really great on it. He gave me chills with that silly song. His songs at the BBQ a few weeks ago were awesome, The Grease performance was fun and put a smile on my face. And he seemed so happy, why whould I not be glad for him. Seems he will do what he wants to do and sometimes he will do what he has to do. I want to keep that voice around, so I will be there to support him whatever.
a different anonymous.

Kenzie said...

Anonymous... If you have ever read any of the other blogs rather than just the ones about Taylor that Caryl writes, you would know that she has a lot of shit on her plate.

I don't think you cried because you're upset about Taylor's possibility of wanting to "do" MR. Clay Aiken. I think you've just been through a lot lately. And the littlest thing gets to you. I've cried over Taylor myself too. But I eventually realized it was because my parents were expecting too much out of me and I was getting yelled at every ten minutes.

Because we are women, we get emotional easily, it's natural. And because of problems with your son and other everyday issues, things just seem to be harder. But I know you, you'll get through it and you'll do fine. :)

As for the Taylor issues, just like every other one we deal with, he'll come out of it and surprise us with yet another Career Move. As for now, we just have to suck it up and hope he gets his head straight.

I'm in the same boat as you though when it comes to not watching American Idol, and how much his music has inspired us. So remember you're not the only one that is upset about it.

We love you Caryl. Anonymous is an ass.

Kenzie said...

And remember he can still have that GORGEOUS effect to him:

caryl said...

kenzie, I've been thinking about you a lot even before you posted that comment. I'm feeling what you were feeling about a week ago. But, yeah, I'll get over it.

Thanks so much for your kind words. I do think the reason I got so emotional is because of all the crap I've gone through in the past year and a half. Taylorland was my escape. Right now I don't want to go there, so where do I go?

Don't worry, we're going to see some kickass videos here for Taylor Tuesday and everyone will be happy again. I even contacted someone from the good old days, but he might not want to come out of hiding. We'll see.

caryl said...

One more thing I wanted to point out. I made sure this blog entry wouldn't come up in a google alert because I'm not a mean-spirited person. I was hoping I could have a quiet little discussion among my friends who come here, without putting negativity out into the universe. (see there's that hippy in me. peace, man.)

caryl said...

Oh- Kenzie, the link didn't work. Well, it did but it says the photo has been removed.

Julie said...

Kenzie is a most wonderful person.

soulaz said...

Hey Caryl

Never let anyone tell you that your feelings are not valid, or that you're not a 'real fan' if you don't fall in love with everything Taylor Hicks does.

I am personally hoping that this is a temporary gig to bankroll the recording of the new CD and that we'll have him back on the road again soon, as that touring 'working musician' we have all grown to love.

If you need to take a step back from things for a while, that's okay . . . we'll leave a light on for you.

But, you must know that I will miss my daily chuckle from your posts on TaysHarmonica's blog.

caryl said...

soulaz: thank you for being so nice! YOU'RE the funny one. No, really, YOU are! Stop shoving me in that silly, funny way, I'm serious! *giggle* Now, cut it out, you funny person! Aw shucks. Now get outta here you silly funster! See you later, yeah, yeah, unless you see me first! *giggle* Oh my, she's funny. *cathing my breath* OK, now back to more serious matters...

Anonymous said...

I think Kenzie hit it on the head. You are going through a lot right now.
That said, I have been a singer and performer, not professionally, unfortunately, I never had the confidence but if I did, I would be very serious about what I do (some accuse me of being *too* serious though I am not really, at heart), that said, I LOVE Grease, and if I was asked at some point, I would have done it too. Heck, its an experience, live life! Learn! Grow! Do what you love! Have a GREAT time! Taylor said that Grease was one of his favorite musicals, and once I got done holding my breath for him on Friday night and started to see the pictures of how happy he was, it just made me *so* happy for him. I don't expect him to be one way or the other, but if I can be a fan and find happiness in that, and watch him have happiness in his music and music and performing in general, then that makes me doubly happy. When I was studying coaching I learned that one of the biggest ways to set yourself up for disappointment is to set expectations for people. If you have no expectations for them, then you can never be disappointed.

caryl said...

valerie, that's the kind of comment I like. You didn't make me feel like a bad person, you just expressed your view. I appreciate it.

Chicken & Waffles said...

Sorry I am late to this party, Caryl. Apologies--I've been checked out for a week in Eastern Europe.

I have something to say (shocker, no?) Oh, and I intend to be blunt. I'm a New Yorker and as they say here, fuck you if you can't take a joke.

This is YOUR blog. This is your happy space. It is your medium to express yourself in any respect, regardless of what that feeling might be. You don't have to edit or revise your opinion for anyone, especially someone who doesn't have the balls to establish their own identity yet has the chutzpah to fling criticisms at you on YOUR own turf. That's the worst kind of bullshit.

I say this with love and as a friend who values you. Don't you EVER feel you have to re-edit and revise a blog post because of the natterings of some commentators. You are a delicious writer with sound and fascinating opinion. Stand your ground. Your homies have your back.

Carry on, baby.

caryl said...

Thanks, CW. It really was a bad day, though.

You should read what Music Maven wrote about Teen Angel. She's in our camp:

"Taylor Hicks,

Taking the part of Teen Angel sucks. It is beneath your talent and potential. Get out there with the fans who really dig your music. Listen to what they have to say. Buy them a beer. Hell, buy me a beer.

Sing THEM a song; something that makes THEM feel good. But, realize that you don’t own the audience. Rather, they own you…they bought what you were selling in 2006. NOT AI, but Under The Radar, Workplay and all the Florabama Mp3s. And, you owe them. Everything.

You owe them more than singing Beauty School Drop Out for five minutes each night this summer. That is lazy. Give them On & On. Give them The Right Place. Give them a song recorded at the Ray Charles studio or FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals. Give them a CD recorded on the Stax label. Give them a “Live from Sun Studios” performance. Give them something of substance from a guy who is supposed to be of substance. You worked hard to establish some credibility with those fans who “bought” you…news flash…you have to work TWICE as hard to keep us, your fans. Kenny and Jimmy get it. You know what? So do Steely Dan, Bon Jovi and Radiohead. C’mon, Taylor, make us proud."

Chicken & Waffles said...

Oh, I always forget that Caryl's Mom reads this. Sorry for the bad language, Lois.

caryl said...

No worries, CW. She can take it.