Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Most Wonderful Weekend

I'm so sorry to see this weekend coming to a end. I've had three days almost completely to myself at home. When you're a wife and mother, that sort of thing rarely happens.

The hubby went on a fishing trip, my youngest son started his summer job and my oldest has been avoiding me (which is fine for now). I've had no appointments and no errands to run. It's been divine.

You would think I'd take the opportunity to stay in bed and watch movies or read, but I've been getting things done around the house without interruption. *angels singing*

I've worked on unfinished projects, cleaned out a closet and planned my trip to NY at the end of the month. I've answered e-mails and organized all of those blasted CDs piled up on the computer desk (I know you've got them, too. You must! You know, those CDs that hold music, photos, documents and computer programs. Well, mine are organized and labeled! I'm positively giddy over it!)

And now that I've made this weekend even more wonderful by writing about it, I'm going to end it with a long, hot, uninterrupted bath. But first-*sigh*-I have to cut the grass.

Oh well, you can't have everything. That's the downside of having all of the men out of my hair. None of them are available to mow the lawn.

Believe me, it's a small price to pay.


JO GROVER said...

I really understand this. Occasional solitude revives the soul. I miss it now as my husband is now retired full time and he's a stay at home and putter around the house kind of guy. I work several short days a week and that's my getaway for a while time. I have a small office all to myself. I love him and he's good company but sometimes I like to be alone to do things I want to do, how I want too and when I want too.

Anonymous said...

My post keep coming out with my full name instead of my username of JOJOSIE. I'll try to figure out why.

Anonymous said...

I totally understand Caryl, I'd love a weekend to myself. No drama queen teen and no hubby wanting supper on the table.. A clean house, no noise, come and go as I please.. wonderful weekend indeed.

Hubby has a few more years till retirement and the drama teen will Graduate next year! I may squeeze in a few "alone" days soon. Hubby is going to Michigan for Union business and the drama Queen is going to Ohio! Yippy, I already have my Womp on the warfield on the dvr ready to be blasting through the house..ha
I'm glad to hear you had a great weekend! With many more to follow.


caryl said...

Well, I ended this evening with a glass of wine and since I rarely drink I'm very relaaaaxed. I really needed this weekend.

I knew all the women who visit my blog could relate to this post. Everyone in your house wants a piece of you. Sometimes it's nice to just be ALONE.

I don't know why your full name came up, jojosie! Wish I could help. Good to see you tif!

Kenzie said...

That sounds great Caryl!! You really deserved that weekend! :)

Lubiana said...

I'm glad for you Caryl! You got a lot more accomplished than I would have!

Jennifer said...

I love my alone time! My husband takes his kids to Maine for 3 weeks every summer. I don't want to blow all my vacation time at once, so I only join them for about 10 days. The rest of the glorious time, I have the clean, quiet house to myself! Yippee!! Of course, going to work all day knowing they are on the beach is less good, but at least I know when I get home I don't have to answer to anyone.