Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hurricane Ike

Well, now it looks like that sucker is headed right for me. Damn. We don't live near the water, so we aren't being told to evacuate. We live south of Houston, near Sugar Land.

Yesterday I started to prepare. I went out to fill our gas tanks and the gas stations were already running out. I was able to get both gas tanks filled up, but I had to wait on long lines.

This morning I worried that I didn't have enough water in the pantry, so I went out to the grocery store. Mad house! Everyone was very nice,smiling as they passed and sharing advice on what to have on hand. I bought more water, bread, milk, sandwich meat, batteries and finally, a candy bar.

I never eat candy, but that thing was calling my name. I'm nervous. I'm afraid I'll forget something and my family will wind up wandering the streets destitute because of me. All I can do is follow the instructions they're giving us on the news. I've done that.

I'll do my best to let you know how we fared, but we expect to lose power when the hurricane hits early, early Saturday morning.

Just now, on the news, they said Houston needs to stay put and let the people who live right on the water use the roadways to evacuate. Will do.

"Hurricane" Bob Dylan


jerseyirish said...

Caryl, I wish Huuricane season would just end. Enough. We got the remnents of Hanna the other day, we were lucky just lost power for a few hours. Stay well.

Lubiana said...

Oh man- stay safe Caryl! Will you be boarding up your house? I sure hope once Ike lands, it will dwindle down in ferocity quickly! God bless you and your family and little Henry too!

Take care and God bless you!

caryl said...

Yes, we're boarding up the windows right now. (I'm taking a cold drink break.) We'll be OK. But at least I got to talk to Taylor before...OK, let's not go there!

Anonymous said...

Caryl - I'll be pulling for you and yours down there in Sugarland ! Do a little pulling for us too - up in Conroe. We're staying put as well. Hey - My grocery basket this morning looked like yours !

Prayers for all.

Anonymous said...

I'm gettting ready for Ike too.
Stay safe Caryl.

Anonymous said...

IKE is giving me the nervous jitters....tho I'm safe on the left sons are farmers in Arkansas and the whole years work will be lost if IKE takes a NE turn after Houston.
Praying for everybody to stay well.
Plez check in when you can.

Anonymous said...

I hope your okay caryl. Just wanted you to know my thoughts are with you and your family. G4R

Sunny said...

Hope you are well Caryl, certainly was a wild ride down there now wasn't it? Really feel for the folks hard hit. Talk is no city services in many areas for weeks.

Take care.