Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ray LaMontagne

I see in the paper that Ray LaMontagne is coming to my area in October. Wonder if I should go?

And just because I love Kelly Clarkson's voice:


Lubiana said...

If you have the mula, I would definitely do it! Boy his music is so soothing and calming and great! I really love the violins in the 2nd song- great stuff!

havingfun said...

I'm mulling this one over, too.

I say yes.
Taylor likes him.

havingfun said...

Caryl - Did you see Ray ?

I went to his show in Houston.
He was great !!
"Trouble" was the crowd favorite of the night.
I'll be catching again him next time he comes our way.

Next up for me - Willie Sat night at the Houston House of Blues.