Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bruce Sprinsteen Live in Barcelona

I watched a bit of "Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band Live in Barcelona" today on palladia, a music channel from MTV Networks. You feel a certain connection to Bruce when you're from Long Island, even though he's a Jersey boy. I guess it's because both areas are outside NY City and you grow up street-wise and cool, even if you're a dork like me.

When I was a kid, it seemed every new house came with a basement, a yard and a copy of "Born To Run." EVERYBODY went to see The Boss in concert at The Nassau Coliseum or Madison Square Garden. Everybody except me. My friends got to go with an older sibling and came to school the next day with a T-shirt from the show. I never seemed to have the money or a ride.

Well, I'm finally going to see the man in concert for myself. Tickets went on sale last weekend for a show here in Houston and I punched in seconds after the designated time. Ladies and Gentlemen, I have seats on the floor.

*angels singing*

The show's in March. I'll tell you all about it. Maybe it'll go a little something like this:

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jerseyiris said...

Caryl, Being from Jersey I've seen Bruce several times, more in his earlier years, he puts on a good show, I'm sure you will enjoy it.