Thursday, February 12, 2009

Confession Time

(Why does Bret Michaels look like a wax figure in this photo?)

I love Rock of Love Bus. I know, it's completely ridiculous. I don't for a minute think anything about it is real (except maybe the breasts. haha!), but Bret Michaels has a certain appeal. He's smart, funny and well spoken. He makes the show as believable as it can be.

I'd like to know where they found these women. I've never seen anything like them in my world. I wouldn't be surprised if the producers found them all in the files of a plastic surgeon's office. Perhaps there was a BIG sale on implants. You know, buy one, get one free. Every woman's breasts are so big and so high on this show, I'm surprised they don't suffocate.

The only girl I really like is Beverly because she seems the most normal.

Maybe she'll win. Nah, probably not. Normal don't bring in the viewers.

But the scary chick who supposedly slept with Bret on the last show will lose fer sure.

Why do I think that? Because right now it looks like she's the favorite. So, in keeping with the tried and true reality TV format, she's got to go.

Here's a little taste of what you're missing if you're not watching this oddly entertaining show:


Squeebee said...

Oh, my! That blonde in the first picture...are those boobs for real? I mean, of course they're not, but seriously!

I don't watch the show, but thanks for the giggles!

SH said...

WOW! I confessed my guilty pleasure was The Bachelor and yours is Rock of Love Bus!?!? LOL!
Do you really think Bret is smart?
I don't know much about his smarts but the impression I get from the dribs and drabs i've seen is that

A. He is a middle aged rocker with diabetes who wants to believe he can party like he used to but gets tired pretty easily.

B. He must be doing all this for the money and the new spotlight on his career, not to really find love.

C. He wants to be smothered by big implants and he's a terrible kisser. YUK.

Thanks for the new topic caryl!!

Bluesgirl said...

I love this show !! But I keep wondering to myself how the hell many woman has Bret Michael made out with? And I must confess I'm also watching Confessions Of A Teen Idol. It has all these washed up former teen idols trying to put their careers back together. Both shows are really cheesy but delightfully entertaining.