Thursday, March 19, 2009

Do You Sudoku?

I'm addicted to Sudoku. I first picked it up while visiting my mother-in-law in the hospital. She got a book as a gift but didn't want to bother learning how to do it. (She was too busy learning to function minus one leg.)

Now I have the puzzle books scattered around my house, in my purse and n my car. I must have a sudoku puzzle to work on while I wait at the doctor's office, stand on line at the grocery store, sit at a red light, or while watching a show my husband chose for us to watch.

It's become an obsession. They come in three or four levels of difficulty and I've mastered 'easy' and 'medium.' I've been known to solve a 'hard' one or two but 'diabolical' is over my head. I'll get there. Just a few more years and I'll have it down.

Do you sudoku?


jerseyirish said...

Caryl, My daughter is the sudoku fan in the house. She like you has books of them all over. Last year on vacation her and my brother-in-law together tackled a couple of the hard ones and had a lot of fun. I've tried the easy ones a few time but wind up getting frustrated when I mess up then she takes a look and finishes them in a snap.


JenAdams said...

I used to Sudoku but I am not as into it as a I once was. When we were on vacation a few years ago in Maine, my husband was picking up the Boston Globe everyday and that was the first place I saw it. I started doing the one each day from the paper and later I bought a book.

My husband starting doing them last year. At first he was asking me how to do it. Then he got obsessed. This year I was not able to do them in the Globe on vacation because he did them all first. He sits sometimes with his books and does them for hours on end. I think it is his senility prevention plan! Keep the mind active, you know. And by the way, he does do the hardest ones. He's very good at it now. I struggle with the medium ones still!

caryl said...

yeah, it's supposed to be a great mental exercise.

YKW said...

Sadly, I do not Sudoku. I do, however, Mahjongg. Hhahahhaha!