Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Wedding Anniversary

Today's my wedding anniversary. We were married in March in New York much to the dismay of many out-of-town guests. (It was cold!) My husband and I had been dating for SIX years and when we finally decided to get married, I wanted to just do it right away. I was more focused on the marriage than the wedding.

I guess we had about six months to plan the wedding. It was everything I wanted, very personal, very ME. All of my bridesmaids could sew, so I let them pick out whatever dress pattern they liked, as long as they all had long sleeves. Then I bought the same fabric for everyone. It was like a fashion show when they walked down the aisle: four women in the same burgundy satin in different styles.

I designed the program that every guest was handed as they entered the church. It included the names of all involved in the service and their relation to the bride or groom. On the back was a poem I wrote for my husband.

I wore my Mom's wedding gown. That woman must have had a hell of a figure because the waist was snug on me (and I was skinny), but the bust of the gown flopped around empty. I told all of my bridesmaids that if they wanted me to store anything for them (like a blow dryer), I had plenty of room in there.

Of course, we had the gown altered. My Mom tells me that when she went to pick up the gown at the cleaners, Billy Joel's wife (at the time) saw it hanging up and commented that it was pretty. (cool!)

At the reception, I insisted on a DJ so that guests could make requests. It turned into a rave (perhaps I exaggerate?), with bodies packing the dance floor, sweaty and laughing until the last song. I wanted a party and I got one. People still comment how fun our wedding was.

Many of the people who knew us back in college thought it would never last because Greg was so immature back then. He stole me away from his friend even though I resisted for a year and a half. He wore me down. I gave in against my better judgment. In the process I broke a good man's heart, but I guess it had to happen.

If you see our friends from Genesee dorm, floor C2, tell 'em they were wrong. Greg didn't break my heart. We're still together and going out to celebrate the fact tonight.


Kenzie said...

Happy Anniversary!

jerseyirish said...

Caryl, Happy Anniversary!!
When it is right you know it. Many, many more happy years together.

We just celebrated out 24th in Feb, got the same thing it would never last, we were so different in many ways, but what bought us together all those years ago keeps us together today, enjoy your day.


Lubiana said...

Hey, I meant to tell you earlier Happy Anniversary! I hope you had a wonderful time!!

caryl said...

Thanks, you guys! We had a really nice dinner out and my husband sent me flowers that morning. It was a nice day.

havingfun said...

Handsome couple there !!!

Hope you had a wonderful anniversary ---

(Ours is in March too.)

Chicken And Waffles said...

Congratulations! You didn't say how many years it had been, but you don't need to. You two have clearly stood the test of time.