Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ghost Hunting on Star Island

Two of my favorite things are coming together: Star Island, New Hampshire and the TV show, Ghost Hunters.

Star Island is one of seven islands that are about ten miles off the coast of New Hampshire that make up the Isles of Shoals. My sister has been affiliated with Star Island for many years. She started out working summers as a Chamber Maid in the hotel and is now (what are you this year, Nancy?) an advisor of some sort.

My mother has worked out there on two separate occasions for a couple of weeks at a time in the gift shop. I've been there as a guest a few times. It's very isolated and peaceful. A lovely, historic spot where conferences are held.

Last summer we took my sister and her husband's sailboat out to the Isles of Shoales. Here are a couple of the guys taking the dingy out to the sailboat:

I sprawled out on the front of the boat and took this photo of my brother-in-law at the wheel. Look at that big expanse of water behind us.

Then I pointed my camera forward and you can just barely see the islands up ahead:

Looking from one of the smaller islands across to Star Island, where the big hotel is:

Some of our party just hangin' out on the rocks:

Tomorrow night, Star Island will be the featured location on Ghost Hunters. I've been enjoying that show for years. What makes it unique is that Jason and Grant go to various sites to DISprove that there are ghosts about. They look for logical explanations for what people have experienced. But every now and then things happen that they can't explain.

This is gonna be good.


YKW said...

Very cool, Caryl ... love that show, I'll definately be watching!

jerseyirish said...

Caryl, Thats interesting you've been there, will watch. My daughter is a big fan of the show. Haven't heard if the lady she works with that they did "The lost Child" one is going to be on this season or not, they have come back to her house several times and filmed about more incidents.


lois meyer said...

Wonder if the murders on the adjacent island, Smuttynose, come into play. This will be interesting since most of the family has been there at one time or another. You did a nice job presenting this topic - but then, you always do!

Love, Caryl's Mom

heylaw said...

I haven't been able to access my computer so I missed the show - It sounds fascinating - please do a follow up article....and tell me what I missed!!

Anonymous said...

I guess, because they worked at night, they couldn't show the Island at its best. There were a lot of quick shots of the cemetery, the staircases, the hotel as you see it from the dock - but it was all at night. Nancy said they must have been freezing!

The voice was creepy and the things that went on at Vaughn Cottage were odd but they really didn't debunk everything.

That young curator is really an amazing person;. I was on an island tour with her as the guide last year and she knows dates, family lines, history, everything! She said she did her master's thesis on the history of the island. Really brings it all alive.