Thursday, August 4, 2011

Victoria, Part II

Victoria has one hoppin' harbor! Ferries float in, sea planes take off, water taxis scurry around and whale watching tours head out.

Standing guard over the harbor is the historic Empress Hotel

and the Parliament Buildings.

I told Greg as we toured the Parliament Buildings that it was giving me decorating ideas. "All I need is a REALLY tall ladder."

Yeah, you guessed it. He gave me a quizzical look and moved on. But you guys get me, don't you?

We spent the rest of the day touring an old castle

and driving along the coast a bit.

For dinner, we indulged in the much ballyhooed (that's right, I said 'ballyhooed') traditional English fish n' chips at Old Vic. I was disappointed that it wasn't served in newspaper as advertised, but I probably would have worried NOT about the cleanliness of it as you would expect, but about the poor journalists who spent hours tapping a keyboard only to have their hard work wind up as a grease catcher. I've been there, my friend. I've been there. *deep breath* Anyhoo! What were we talking about?

Fish n' chips! Yes- great meal, accompanied by a glass of local beer.

A good day.

Next time: A rain forest, a floating pub and a leprechaun*.

*there is no leprechaun. I made that up to get your attention. ha!


Anonymous said...

Caryl, you have such an incredible eye! You should be selling those pictures to travel brochures! It really looks beautiful. Guess I would have like the fish 'n chips in a newspaper cone, just because.

Love you, Mom

caryl said...

Yeah, but you're my MOM. You think everything I do is wonderful. :)

Anonymous said...

When you said Victoria Island I was picturing a quaint little coastal village, not castles and Parliament buildings. Wow! Love the picture of the stairs on the beach.PS did you start painting the mural on your ceiling yet? Cathy

caryl said...

I know, I was expecting a quiant little town, too!

LindaS said...

Sheesh, Blogger ate my comment ;( . . trying again ...

The sky / ocean colors are amazing!
Were you allowed to take photos inside the castle ? if so, did you ? and if you did will you pretty please post them ?

caryl said...

Thanks, Linda! We were only allowed to take photos without a flash at the castle, so I didn't bother. But you can see the inside here: