Thursday, August 4, 2011

We Are Marching To Victoria, Part I

I had that song stuck in my head the whole time we were in Victoria, British Columbia. (Yes, I know it's "Pretoria," Mom!) It's a 14 hour drive to Victoria, which is on Vancouver Island. And it's not an easy 14 hours- lots of winding mountain roads and a ferry ride to consider. We decided to stop in Kelowna on the way over and Kamloops on the way back, to break the trip up.

We did a lot in three days so I'm gonna do my recap in several posts and concentrate on the drive and the ferry ride today. I'll do it in pictures because words won't do them justice no matter know...goodly I am with those words.

And, just for fun, let's get "Marching to Victoria" stuck in your head, too! Click on the video and listen while you look at the pretty photos:

I was obsessed with these low clouds we saw during the drive-

And finally, an hour and a half on a ferry winding through these little islands on our way to Vancouver Island. Fantastic!

More to come!


Anonymous said...

Great! Now I have that little 'marching song' stuck in my head... can't wait to see and hear more about the trip! Thanks for sharing!

caryl said...

Thanks, anon! ("we are marching to Victoria, Victoria....")

LindaS said...

The video screen shot triggered enough memory for me to resist clicking - good try though !

Have seen clouds do similar things around Mt. Katahdin, but not to that degree. Another beautiful area, but a lot of travel for 3 days.
Looking forward to the 'rest of the story' .. sorry, devil made me type it. ;p

caryl said...

haha, Linda!