Friday, August 12, 2011

Victoria, Part IV

We gave our new digital camera a real workout on our last full day on Vancouver Island. Enjoy the photos!


Here's all you need to know: Fifty-five acres of stuff growing. Go!

A deliberate hole cut in the hedge for a peek at the water:

They even put flowers in the food!

Greg even got into the act with the picture-taking! I'm not sure who took what, to be honest.

We had dinner at a gorgeous B&B recommended by a friend.


More flowers in the food! Must be a Vancouver Island thing. (ha)

The day gave me lots of landscaping ideas to go with the decorating ideas I got from the Parliament Buildings and the castle we toured! Now, how to implement them in our tiny apartment?


Anonymous said...

Just gorgeous. You make me want to go to Canada.


caryl said...

Hey! Look who it is! Mostly just my family's been dropping in. Good to see you!

Anonymous said...

The gardens and views are breathtaking and your camera takes impressive close ups.

Anonymous said...

So much beauty! Some of the closeups were kind of Georgia O'Keefish. My poor little garden looks pitiful!

You have such an eye!

Love, Mom

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