Sunday, August 17, 2008

Company Count-Down

My Big Birthday Extravaganza is heavily on my mind these days. So far I have 4 confirmed house guests coming and 3 more possibles. I know you think I'm nuts, but we've done this before and it's always fun.

Before I continue, you need to know that it's true when they say everything's bigger in Texas. Houses are bigger and cheaper than any other place I know. So even though we aren't wealthy, we own a house with five bedrooms and three baths. We also have a dining room, living room, TV room and a game room. Lots of space.

The trick is getting this behemoth clean and organized from top to bottom so that my company can crawl around in the closets and cabinets if they need to find something. Of course, I also want the place to be pretty. I've been working on it for a while now, but the crunch is fast approaching.

By the way, everyone coming to stay at my house is female (except for one). I invited only my favorite women because I've learned in the past that nothing ruins a gal's good time like men. More specifically-HUSBANDS.

Ten years ago, we had three whole families staying at my house. One bedroom housed my sister, her husband and their 2 young girls. Another room was set aside for my other sister and her husband. Greg and I kept our own room. All the boys occupied a bedroom and all the girls took over another. Perfect!

Yeah. Well...the youngest children wouldn't go to sleep, the oldest wouldn't get off the computer and all the men fought for control of the remote control. Two of them actually wound up having a screaming fight over the TV one evening.

This time it's just us girls. No men, no kids. We're going to have pillow fights in our undies and braid each other's hair. Oh wait, that's my husband's fantasy, not what will actually happen.

We look forward to talking over coffee in our pj's all morning, strolling around this quaint town with quaint little shops, eating OUT and then drinking margaritas back home while looking at photos of old boyfriends.

But first! Gotta get the house ready. Can't wait.

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Chicken & Waffles said...

Get down with your bad self. That is, have fun. All the best, sweet Caryl.