Friday, August 8, 2008

I'd Like A Little Reality In My Reality TV, Please.

I love Project Runway, but I'm tired of designers getting a "pass" because they make for good TV. I've been guessing with 100% accuracy who will be let go based on their personalities. If a designer has a pathetic, laughable outfit but interesting quirks, they squeak by for another week.

Exhibit A, the above outfit. This was designed for our Olympic athletes to wear for the Opening Ceremonies. C'mon. This guy didn't get sent home because he's different, he has...let's say, an unusual point of view.

And from Episode 1:

Stella was challenged to create an outfit using materials from a grocery store. Oooo..big transformation here. I wonder what kind of material she used? She slipped by because she's a biker chick who's into leatha. Let's see what kind of wackiness ensues by keeping her on the show!

I understand why the producers do it. They're making a TV show, after all. Gotta keep the viewers entertained. But it still annoys me. Oh, don't get me wrong...I'm still going to watch! I love the show.

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