Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Taylor Update!

It was announced at HQ that Taylor is NOT appearing at the Republican National Convention. Just a false rumor.


Kenzie said...

I want to leave a message for the anonymous who snapped at us for talking about Taylor's "rumored" Republican appearance.

It was a Topic of conversation, that is all. No one said we were going to stop being fans because of it.

Now... what are the chances of running into Mr. Hicks at a Earth Wind & Fire concert???

Anonymous said...

That would be very cool, kenzie!


Lubiana said...

Hey this is off topic but EEEEEEEEE

SQUEEEEEEE! Your issue at HQ will be RESOLVED AHHHHHH! I hate you! I love you! I- SQUEEEK for you!

caryl said...

Thanks for that, lubiana! But, we'll see.