Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Kathy Griffin in Concert

Saturday night I went to the Kathy Griffin show in Houston. I'm a big fan and apparently so are a lot of people in the area. They had to add a third show last weekend because the demand for tickets was so great.

I took a friend of mine to the show instead of my husband so that...well, so I could enjoy it! If it's not a sporting event, it won't hold his interest.

So I picked up Sue and we made it downtown without any problems. Unfortunately, minutes before the show was to start we were stuck in a snarl of traffic right outside the theater. We finally made it into the underground lot, but continued to sit in this slow-moving line of cars as it wound around, underneath the theater district.

By the time we found an empty parking spot and took the elevator up to street level, we had no idea where we were in the city. A woman who had been in the elevator with us was also going to Kathy's show, so we all figured it out together.

When we finally entered the Verizon Wireless Theater, we could already hear Kathy's voice followed by an explosion of laughter. (damn!) We found our seats in the dark and settled in. I have no idea how much of the show we missed, but luckily for us, she ran long on purpose.

She said at one point that Tom (her road manager) was signaling her to wrap it up. She turned towards the wings and said to him, "I'm gonna keep going." And then in an uncharacteristically demure way added, " me." She entertained us for another 20-30 minutes!

The show was great. Kathy's charm is that she talks to the audience as if we're old friends. It's as if she's our own personal correspondent, sent out to mingle with celebrities, so that she can report back to us all of the gory details.

At times she drops her voice, as if she's sharing a secret with us and once she said, "This doesn't leave this theater, OK?" And I'd love to tell you what she said next, but I promised her I wouldn't. (hee hee)

When we reluctantly had to leave (because she had said her goodbyes, the lights were up and it was over, darn it!) it was 9:20. Her next show was starting at 10:00. Crazy! What a crazy schedule. I told Sue before the show that I wanted to go to the stage door afterwards to get an autograph, but we decided that Kathy probably wasn't coming out since she had another show starting soon.

I'd really like to go again when I can see her show from start to finish, but we did get to enjoy her stand-up for about an hour. By the way, she's really cute. She has that flaming red hair and a tight little body. Adorable. Well, adorable until she opens her mouth! Here, have a listen (explicit content! you've been warned!):

I didn't take this video, but it is from the show I went to. I'm having a problem uploading my video, but a small portion of mine follows this one. This clip is very short but visually, it's better than mine.

video by wxshamrock

sucky video by Caryl


Sunny said...

She's so in-your-face-honest. My kind of gal. Did you ever catch that X-Files episode she was in? One of my favorite comedians along with Eddie Izzard.

jerseyirish said...

Caryl, Never saw her live but have seen her on shows, Sunny is right she talks about life very up front and honestly. She says right out what alot of people think but would not say. Thanks for sharing. Glad you enjoyed the show even with all the traffic delays.

lois meyer said...

What was the name of that TV show she was on. Was it something Susan? I think it was with Brooke Shields. She is funny in a kind of female Carlin way.

Houston traffic is the worse. But glad you had fun.

Love, Mom