Sunday, November 9, 2008

Weekend Recap

This is a quickee recap for my family who thinks I have no life because I have no job outside my home.

Friday night Chris (everyone remembers Chris! picked up me and Greg and took us to eat at Candelari's. We had a nice dinner of pizza and salad and then headed over to Jamie's football game:

(This is a High School football stadium, you guys! They are serious about football in Texas.)

At the game, we sat with Chris and Barb (who showed up late with their daughter) and two other couples. People are still asking me why they never see my column in the paper anymore. I'm a local celebrity (*cough*).

So you can see that Friday night Caryl interacted with a lot of people who enjoy her company. (Remember I'm writing this for my family who live 1500 miles away and think I have no friends.)

Saturday we left the house at 6:30am and took Jamie to tour A&M University at College Station:

We left campus around 12:30 and during the drive home, passed a huge warehouse fire in Houston:

I later heard this mentioned on CNN.

That night I went to see Kathy Griffin perform in downtown Houston:

I went with Sue because Greg probably would have been such a downer, he would have bummed out Kathy herself. Instead, he spent the evening with Joe watching some football game on TV. Got back to Joe and Sue's around 10:00 pm, had a beer, returned home.

Today was spent dealing with the usual migraine I get after I've been busy. (FYI: I'm seeing a new neurologist and we're going to get these puppies under control.)

I'll write about each event in greater detail tomorrow, family, because I know you're curious. The rest of you will have to wait until Tuesday for a blog entry that interests you! (And I'll write it as soon as I figure out what that is.)



Soul Reporter said...

You need to try yoga for the migraines, seriously. :-) It works.

caryl said...

Thanks, SR! I'm ready to try anything.

Soul Reporter said...

You can do it at home, just buy a DVD that you can follow. I think seeing doctors is a waste of time after the initial visit that rules out a more serious underlying cause. I think after that, the doctors just experiment by prescribing different medications. Who wants to be a human guinea pig? It just makes sense to me that if stress and/or tension is the trigger, then you need to de-stress your body and yoga is a good way to do that.

Lubiana said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun this weekend! Sorry about the migraine tho.

Sunny said...

My Darling Man was getting migraines often, wound up taking Imitrex for a while. Mysteriously as they came, they left. He hasn't suffered one now in almost six months.

Sounds like a fun weekend.

I never really post much about my personal life on my blogs, hell if the folks out of town want to know what I'm doing, they can pick up the phone. Maybe I'll answer it. ;) lol

havingfun said...

Sorry about your migraines !
That's a toughie.
How long have you been having them?

A future Aggie ?!?!?!?!
Nooooooooooo -
Oh well.
It's a great place, I guess.
(give UT a shot, too ! )

(I jest. It really is a great school. My brothers are Aggies, as are two of their children. One OU niece. My two kiddos are Longhorns.)

Hey - I have a great idea.
Invite your family to a big-ole-Texan-high-school football game where they can meet all of your friends in one place.

caryl said...

havingfun- my family actually did meet all of our friends in September, but they're stuck on this thing about me being home all day and how it's so "unhealthy." I have a lot of friends who work at home, some are stay-at-home-Moms, some have actual businesses. Nobody gets on their case. Why do they keep trying to convince me that I'm unhappy when I'm not?

And, just wait til I write about our visit to A&M- those people are crazy. My apologies to any readers who may be Aggies, but sheez! It gets pretty obnoxious.

Sunny, this is first and foremost a blog about me. I never meant for it to be a Taylor fansite, but since he's one of my interests, I write about him once a week. Turns out my Taylor buddies are better about commenting than my non-Taylor friends and family are. (Hint, hint to friends and family!!)

havingfun said...

Caryl said "And, just wait till I write about our visit to A&M- those people are crazy. My apologies to any readers who may be Aggies, but sheez! It gets pretty obnoxious."

This is going to be good !!!!!

(would like to hear about other places Jamie is visiting and his thoughts about each one)

Hey - Is it OK for your "Taylor buddies" to comment? I'm a new reader around here. Was happy to find a "Texas Taylor buddy" online.

caryl said...

"Hey - Is it OK for your 'Taylor buddies' to comment?"

Absolutely!! That's what makes a blog fun. My family is a little slow warming up to this whole concept, so thank you, thank you for commenting!

I was telling a friend at the football game about my blog and she said, "What's a blog?" Geez Louise, aren't we past that question yet?

Anonymous said...

Being a "Taylor Hicks Fan" has been educational, to say the least.

lois meyer said...

Excuse me, darling daughter, your Mom comments pretty regularly! Glad you had a great weekend but sorry about the migraine. I've seen you with one and it is definitely no fun. Ill be interested in Jamie's reaction to A & M, too. It is a great school for engineering, which is what he wants. And Kathy Griffith!! "My Life on the B List." (I think that's the name of her book, is that right?) That should be a good blog column! Okay, so you really do have a life - I get it!

Love ya, Mom