Saturday, November 22, 2008

"Somehow" Rewrite

Yesterday I offered up a new verse to “Somehow” for Taylor Hicks. The song kept running through my head though, so I decided to wrangle my muse before she got away. (She can be a little bitch that way.) The result is an entirely new, updated version of “Somehow” to reflect Taylor’s career today. An homage, as it were.

I respectfully present, “Somehow 2008”. Feel free to sing along:

There’s too many fans
Who want to touch my hair
Some hide in a dark hole
And jump out of nowhere

But I’m all right
I’ll run by

You wanna sneak out for pizza
Sometimes even catch a band
But they're spotting me round every turn
The hat’s not working, man!
Need some disguiiiiiise
Then I’ll slip by

Look at the cameras all around you
Blindin' with their flash-yeah!
But you still smile in kindness
Cuz they might wind up on Splash

When the touring has ended
And you’ve lit up the towns
And there's no space at home
As you go lay their gift baskets down

They want to feel you in person
Sometimes even hold your hand
But you give ‘em nothing in return
Cuz they’re scary, man!
And they’re wiiiiiired
Drunk and or high

Look at the women around you
Staring at your jeans-yeah!
But you still smile though frightened
Hoping security’s on the scene

And the concert has ended
As you sing the last encore
And it’s time to go home
But they tackle you by the back door!

*Saxophone solo*

There’s too many things
Left for me to sign
Some want a weekly blog
And shots of my behind
But the pay’s all right
So I’ll oblige


havingfun said...

You NAILED IT Caryl !!

Kenzie said...

You never fail to brighten my day!

gigi said...

FUNNY!!! That was great.

Lubiana said...

HA HA HA! Just the laugh I needed this morning- hysterical!

jerseyirish said...

Caryl, Said it the other day you have a wonderful sense of humor, very clever.
Your rewrite of the song made me laugh!


Anonymous said...

That was excellent and all true. You do know that some will look down on that and be offended because honesty hurts.

caryl said...

"You do know that some will look down on that and be offended because honesty hurts."

Really? Well, I guess it crossed my mind that somebody might take offense, but it's meant to be all in fun. I'm poking fun at myself here, too because I've asked for an autograph at every opportunity. I always run to the back door after a show. Granted, I've never been drunk and or high, but he does have me under some kind of spell.

Anonymous said...

How many autographs do you have and why do you need them? I'm not putting you down or anything, but I was wondering what is the point? I only have two myself, but I was following the crowd, I guess. I'm not into the whole fan worship thingy, so maybe I'm the weird one, lol.

Lubiana said...

That's a good point anonymous. I'm not into fan worshiping either, but I WOULD like one autograph (I don't really need more than one)from Taylor and I would really love, love, love an autograph from Paul McCartney (unlikely I know). To me the whole reason for wanting an autograph is this: every time you look at the autograph, you remember meeting your hero. it's like a really cool souvenir. :)

caryl said...

Yeah, that's my point! Why do I need more than one autograph? The only answer I can come up with is that it's an excuse to have him stand in front of me for two seconds.

I'm not terribly over the top. I went to four concerts. I have 3 autographs and I shook his hand once. Every time I made sure I told him how fun the show was because I think any performer would want to know that.

Anonymous said...

well, that's a good excuse. He is cute. I've only seen him three times. AI tour, his concert and Grease.

Lubiana said...

Ahhh, I'm so jealous of you guys. I went to 4 concerts and never met him once. I'm hoping to rectify that when he tours again. We'll see.

Anonymous said...

I can't say that I've met him either. I said hi to him when I saw Grease - does that count?

jerseyirish said...

I never actually met him either, but the show I was at there were about three in front of me. He went across the stage with his hand like high fiving everyone, I put my hand out, he reached and said give me your hand. I did and he said "Wow tiny hands". That was my only encounter with him


Lubiana said...

It counts more than what I've done: which is ZERO. Never even got near the man.

caryl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

What kind of stories?

caryl said...

oh, nevermind, I shouldn't have brought it up. I hate when people act like they have inside info. I don't. I didn't mean to make it sound like more than it was.

Woo-hoo! Someone else talk now!

Anonymous said...

Why can't you post it here? I swear, I'm not the jealous type. To be honest, I'm really just a casual fan now and I was never fangirly, except maybe in the beginning. I've stopped all fansites. Still love a little Taylor gossip though, so spill!

caryl said...

It's just that I feel like a idiot for making a big deal out of nothing. When I went to see Taylor's show in Tampa, he was staying at my hotel and I run into him four times. That's it. He doesn't know me, nothing special happened, sorry I brought it up. I hate when I act fangirly, that's why I deleted my comment. Yuck.

Kenzie said...
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havingfun said...

What type of behavior IS "fangirly" anyway?

Are we to feel silly for planning and traveling and smiling and laughing and saying "Hi" to him - and enjoying being a fan of TH?

Taylor once said "I would rather have them overly invested than not invested at all". As long as we are respectful of him and each other, let's have a good time with this.

Anonymous said...

Fangirly means you are overly fixated on his physical looks. He could be singing the phone book and you would still stay how wonderful and talented he is.

Kenzie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Love it Caryl!
I have each CD signed and my son had a hat signed. The CDs are keepsakes. I don't need anymore autographs. Well, not untill the new CD comes out.

caryl said...

Just FYI, I also got Tony Randall's autograph. (how cool is that?) I went to a play he was in here in Houston. When it was over, I stopped to use the bathroom and when I came out, he was on stage signing autographs for a small crowd. I was always a big fan of his.

And right now, I'm looking at my signed concert ticket for Craig Ferguson. He also did a show here in Houston. LOVE him.

Let me be clear that I'm not a celebrity stalker!!!, but if I have the opportunity to get an autograph and tell my favorite performers how much I like their work, I'm gonna go for it. It's fun!

What about you guys? Have you met any other celebrities?

Kenzie said...

I met Carlos Mencia once, my dad embarassed me then as well as he did when we met Taylor. We got Carlos' autograph and got our picture taken, twice. Because my dad had to say that he lost our first photo, when it was sitting in my purse.

I also hung out with Buddy Antunez for a couple of days. He's a famous Supercross racer. He had a special class going on, and I signed up. And because I was the only girl there, I got special attention. It was a blast!

jerseyirish said...

Growing up my very good friend's sister was friends with Carol King she was raised in my home town. I remember her always playing the guitar and singing. Our excitement was beyond belief the first time we heard her on the radio. The song she wrote for the Monkees "Pleasant Valley Sunday" was written about the street I grew up on.

Cutting school one day when I was 16 we went over to NYC. We were in a deli and Joe Namath came in. He came over sat and talked with us signed our napkins and hugged each of us good bye. What an afternoon that was, it was well worth the trouble we got in for cutting school that day!


caryl said...

I remember that story, Kenzie about Carlos Mencia! Your Dad is crazy!

JI, that is the coolest story ever! I didn't know Carole King wrote "Pleasant Valley Sunday." I always liked that song. And Joe Namath? Wow! That's incredible. Was he hitting on you guys? lol!

Anonymous said...

Send that rewrite to Taylor.

taylorfan06 said...

Caryl, you nailed it. Very well done. I hope Taylor sees this! I LOVE your site.

hdey said...

Somehow I think Mr. Hicks would love this rewrite of his song. I know I do. Very clever!

Trixi said...

Great rewrite... I too think "Somehow" it should get to Taylor, I think he would get a big kick out of it.

itsallgrey said...

AHAHAHAHAHAHA!! I love it! It's perfect!