Thursday, July 3, 2008

Urban Cowboy Party

When I graduated from college, I moved from NY to Texas to be near my boyfriend, Greg, who had transferred to a school down there. Before I left, my family threw me a going away party with an "Urban Cowboy" theme. (The movie was big that year.) Some of my buds from college drove down from Geneseo, NY to attend it.

While I was at Peg's wedding, we couldn't remember exactly who was there. So, those of you who aren't old sorority sisters will have to indulge me while I post some old photos from the party.

Here are the Clios who were at the party: Teri, Caryl, Ileana, Natalee, Diane and Nancy.

You guys, that chick in the cowboy hat who's dancing is my Mom! And the dude is my Dad.

"The stars at night..." well, you get it.

Some of these people are High School friends.

Now, this is interesting. Nancy Trenkle is sitting next to my sister, Nancy. See, I knew you guys met before!

Ileana's got her Clio mug! Have mug will travel.

The next morning. Guess these are the only survivors.


Anonymous said...

Way too many brain cells killed during my college years... I forgot all about this party. That was a fun trip and party also. Your NE Clio friend.

Julie said...

Oh man, if only I had a scanner! I'd love to show you my old photos! These pics could have been taken at our high school New Year's Eve party in like 1978. Same bad hair, same odd clothes (not the cowboy motif, but the stripes and the palette), same decor in the home in the background..OH the 70's!

mama k said...


Where the hell is Natalee Byers???

Anonymous said...

She lives upstate Ny in a small town outside of
Plattsburg. She has been up there since 1983.