Thursday, July 17, 2008

You Will Never Have Him

I usually only write about Taylor Hicks on Tuesdays but since an article appeared today revealing where he's living in NY, I got to thinkin' about all those hopeful fans who will stake out his residence in hopes of...what? I'm not sure what a stalker hopes to accomplish but since this particular apartment building is home to other celebrities, I'm fairly certain they'll never see him as he slips in and out through some private entrance.

Even if a fan managed to find him, he ain't gonna be inviting anybody up for coffee. Did you happen to see this interview with John Mayer? When asked if he has ever hooked up with a fan, he said:

“The answer is: Yes, I have. Not in a really long time. Not since the camera phone. That camera phone will get you, even if you’re sleeping. Your doughy frame all laying in a bed dead-like. I can’t deal with that. I’m not trusting enough to open up to anyone I don’t know very well anymore, which is good for my immune system.”

This is why I've always said that Taylor Hicks will never get involved with a fan. It's obvious from his interviews that he's far too private a person and doesn't trust easily.

I doubt we'll ever hear him state outright, "Forget about it, it ain't gonna happen," because he has to keep the possibility alive in the imaginations of his admirers. It sells tickets. And CDs. And...let me see what else I have around here...T-shirts. (ha)

I think he does a good job indulging his fans, but as he works his way down the line, signing autographs, you can tell he's got one eye on his escape and it never involves grabbing a girl from the crowd to go along. I like that about him.

I could be wrong, but my gut tells me that not matter how adorable the fan is, there will always be a fence up (real or imaginary) protecting Taylor from her. As John Mayer pointed out, a groupie could easily snap a photo that could wind up online in minutes. Believe me when I say, this is one recap I'm sure Taylor would rather avoid.


juliegr said...

The voice of reason!!!

Now if you could only get the word to the "usual suspect" -- and she knows who she is!!


JOJOSIE said...

I try to tell myself I'm just a casual fan, but am I? I have all his albums, his book (both hard cover and audio) a t-shirt, Kids-one calendar, photo stamps. been to a concert and there must be more I've left out. I can't complain as it's been lots of fun and he still makes me smile, and you meet such interesting and talented other casual fans.

Kenzie said...

Uhh... He also sells, keychains, magnets, and posters.

Anonymous said...

Amen caryling

Let's just enjoy his artistry and let the man alone.


Lubiana said...

I think he's smart not to hook up with a fan. I'm thinking he might end up with one of the girls on broadway. :)

Well right now I'm a diehard fan, but as time goes on, I think I'll become more of a casual fan, which will be good for MY immune system.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. I don't think he will ever hook up with a fan (despite all the very stupid rumors). I also don't think he will ever befriend any fans (it doesn't stop them from trying however). I've heard some pretty pathetic stories of people trying to get in with his buds to get in with him. If I was him, that's who I would be especially wary of. Either way it's a lose/lose. People should just like his music and leave the desire to get personal alone.

caryl said...

jojosie: we're not really talking about whether someone is a casual fan or not, you're fine. Enjoy yourself! We're talking about those fans who actually think they could have a relationship with Taylor.

I can only imagine the stuff that's happened to him that we haven't heard about. People invading his personal space, etc...It makes me sad because he's had to learn to be guarded all the time and question people's motives. Oh well, the price of fame, right?

Kenzie said...

I think some of Taylors fans are especially haneous... Nothing like ive seen before. I used to be a HUGE Johnny Depp fan, did the whole fan site thing and whatnot. None of them were as bad as um... I think you can come up with a few people. LOL

Anonymous said...

I feel bad for him that he has to worry about his life & feels he can't open up to fans.

For the recored believe me or not i don't care I know id never have a chance with him. But it's a nice thought to at least be his friend.

Although I do have a cam phone id have him hold it for me so he knows I wont be tempted to take any pics of his apartment/hotel where ever we are, if i ever had a chance to be with him alone.I'd never invade his privacy like that. You can believe me or not I don't care it's true.I'm not a crazy fan yes I'd love to be in his private apartment with him getting to know the "REAL TAYLOR" but it will never happen I KNOW THIS .If it ever happened Id respect his every wish. He could try a relationship with a fan again one day you never know {that's my motto} not all of us are disrespectful of his privacy.Besides he said in the interview he hasn't been with one since the cam phone {& they been around since long b4 he was on AI}so if that girl got a pic of him on her cell she either deleted cause he asked her to or she deleted it out of respect for him when he got famous or shes keeping it to herself.

BTW if his buds Brian,Jeff,Mitch,Sam,& Zippy didnt want to be friends with Tay's fans they wouldn't. They r careful who they talk to I'm sure, because they know some crazy Tay fans will do just about anything {maybe anyone} to get close to Taylor.If I'm correct they are 5 are taken. I have met all 5 of them & they r great guys.They r all good guys & I'm sure Taylor talked to them all & told them to be weary of his fans & they they'll try anything to get his number & what not.

Anyway bottom line I know i don't have a chance in U-know-where with him I'm a casual fan & Love his music & just want him happy & he seems to be just that. I plan to see him this next tour too.

I have the following Tay related Items
I got these at the Concert in Prior Lake MN March 25 last yr.
Hoodie, The Black T-Shirt with Him Peeking behind the guitar{GAH it kills me}, Both magnets, 3 pin set, & the In Your Time CD {I spent 110.00 that night lol}.

Things Gifted to me Courtesy of Browneyes {for my last Bday & this past Christmas}
1st copy of Modern Whomp Mag, The 2007 Peace Love & Soul Tree ornament, the white T-shirt with the Juke Box on it. The Bandanna, The Teddy bear, His book { I say she gifted it to me because she'd already paid for the VIP ticket to the book interview July 20 last yr when her daughter had to back out last minute & a mutual friend suggested they bring me along cause i only live 4 hrs from Browneyes so I went} I had already pre-ordered the book & the Audio CD at my local book store 6 months b4 it came out LOL.I was gunna buy it & donate it to the Library or give to a less fortunate friend.I told my mom what I planned to do she had a cow & said "you cant afford to buy a book & just donate it or give it away your heart's in the right place but u cant afford it".I didnt buy the book i told them to put it on the shelf.Sad thing is it's still there I asked them about it about 2 weeks ago. But buy now everyone i know that couldn't afford the book last yr prolly had one gifted to them in 1 for or another. I did buy the Audio CD.
She also sent me a DVD that has vids & montages shes collected.
She got me these but i paid her for them the KidOne calendar & 3 books of his stamps KS {where I'm from}, NE {Where I live} AL {Obvious reasons lol}
Other things gifted to me
Harp Key Chain & Shot Glass
That's it for now LOL.

Ok im done babbeling I had to have my say

Anonymous said...

OMG - after reading the last post I am really afraid for Taylor. I always knew there were nut jobs out there - however, after reading this - it scares the hell out of me. I feel bad for Taylor.

The Real Deal Blog said...

First I think some people are getting confused here.
Did you happen to see this interview with John Mayer?(NOTICE THE NAME) This interview was not Taylor's.....

Finally a fan with the true out look of Taylor's success.
I have often felt this way and wanted to tell others "What are you thinking?". Some people I guess just don't realise how hard it is for someone to acctually be famous. I am sure there have been times when Taylor has been attracted to a fan and just had to "Back off". That has to be hard dont you think? Exspecially for someone as out going as Taylor.
I dont think Taylor really exspected all the crazy HYPE... Because I belive Taylor didnt put himself on a pedistal.. so I dont think he belived that woman would flaunt all over him and get all crazy.
Welcome to the real world Tay.
I feel for ya dude....