Wednesday, July 2, 2008

"You Girls MADE The Wedding"

Peggy was everyone's favorite in the sorority. She was sweet, funny and on top of things. Peggy always came through if you needed to talk or needed a pen. You name it. But despite her charms, she was always the girl flying solo. No boyfriend!

After college, she became a favorite teacher at her school, throwing herself completely into her job but making time for friends and family as well. She took care of herself and eventually bought her own house. She was happy.

A few years ago (at 47) she met a man who saw what we see and love about Peggy. She loved him right back. Though she didn't accept his proposal for three months (she was happy on her own), they were married this past weekend.

How could we sorority sisters stay away? Eleven of us gathered in Buffalo from all over the country-excuse me- the world! ("Tinkle" flew in from Ireland.) Though most of us haven't seen one another since we packed our cars and drove off, waving goodbye after graduation, we fell right back into step. We sang songs, danced and laughed as if we were 19 again.

Above: Gail not saying that Peg is the glue that holds us together. (she meant to!) We toasted with our sorority mugs. Note the matching flip-flops.

Above: The party bus rented for the bridal party but hijacked by the Clio sisters.

There was some time between the wedding and the reception, so whoever needed a ride somewhere had to endure a pack of wild Clios riding along, drinking beer and occasionally chanting whatever came into their heads. Usually the driver's name.

Wish I had more photos, but I had camera issues the day of the wedding. I was back in business the following day, however, so you're not off the hook yet! Peggy arranged a post wedding picnic the next day, open to all. So I brought my Mom and sister, Cathy who blended right in.

Above: My Mom, Lois, and my sorority sister, Sue, drinking beer in the afternoon. Shocking!

Above: Ileana and Roni getting down with their bad self.
Above: Nancy accepting a funnel challenge. (It actually went nowhere. People lost interest and wandered away, so Nancy never did it!)
Above: "Backstage" "partying" with the "band". Actually, they were really, really good!

Above: Aw, not invited "backstage" to "party" with the "band".

We Clio sisters were loud, silly and prone to break into song at any given moment. We held hands at the wedding during the Lord's prayer. We wound our way around the tables at the reception as we danced on to and off of the dance floor. We laughed loud and long back at the hotel and wore matching clothes to the post wedding picnic.

I worried that we were too obnoxious for words.

But, much to my relief, I felt like a rock star when the weekend came to an end. People saw our sorority shirts and smiled as they passed by or stopped to say what a wonderful group we are. One woman said we made the wedding.

I wouldn't go that far. Peggy made the wedding and she made us the close group we still are by keeping us all in touch throughout the years following college. Ron is a lucky man. And so are we. Without her we would be adrift in menopause, losing that connection to the young girls we once were. I wish everyone could have a Peggy in their lives. But hands off, this one's ours.


Julie said...

Yay! Caryl's back! I missed you. I'm so glad you had a good time reconnecting with old friends. There's nothing better.

And you're the cutest one of all...especially in the 'formal' wedding shot.

I'm waiting to be so lucky as your friend, and find my true love at 47...sigh...

Lovely post and pics!

Anonymous said...

You said it so well, and I am so glad I was there. We are lucky to have you as the sorority writer! The NE Clio

Kenzie said...

I love Weddings...

can't wait for mine. And to believe, I hated men. Still do actually... there are just a few exceptions. ;]

Sounds like you were the life of the party Caryl!!

caryl said...

Oh no, I wasn't the life of the party, but I was definitely in the middle of it all.

Chicken & Waffles said...

well, you looked absolutely gorgeous. Sounds like a delightful, nostalgic and utterly fun weekend.

Anonymous said...

Caryl I was so sad to have missed the picnic, because it was WAY more fun sitting in an airport for 5 hours waiting for a flight!!! Your blog says it all, we had a ball! Can't wait till your 50th ...ENCORE (Nora in CA)