Sunday, October 28, 2007


Danny and a young boy. 1976

One of my best friends is getting married today. Danny (he goes by "Dan" now, but he'll always be Danny to me.) was the boy next door. We've known each other since we were babies. And, except for a fling in High School, he's been like a brother to me.

(We've talked about that, haven't we, Danny? Maybe "brother" sounds TOO platonic.) I'd like to amend that- he's been like a cousin to me. But as cute and fun as he was, our one-year relationship wasn't a great love connection. Even our friends nicknamed us "Donnie and Marie" because of our lack of chemistry.

I'd like to say that Danny's been single all these years because he never found another woman as wonderful as me, but the truth is, Danny got over me pretty quickly. Let's just say that Danny moved on well before we ever broke up. And let's just say that Danny moved on before I knew he was moving on.

Just teasing you, big guy! He actually married the chick he moved on with, but as I suspected, that marriage was short-lived. They only stayed together for...let's see...25 years or so.

I can joke about all of this because our friendship is strong, even though we live so far apart. When I go home to visit my family I always make time to see Danny, though lately my husband monopolizes the conversation.

I'm glad Danny has found someone who makes him happy. I met her this summer and she laughed at my jokes, so that's all I need to know. (It's all about me, of course.) The wedding should be starting in a few hours, so I couldn't let the day go by without posting our prom picture. (refer back to the sentence in parenthesis)

Best of luck, to you, my friend!! I look forward to seeing both of you the next time I'm home.

P.S. (Danny: I'm posting a video for you separately, because I don't know how to include it in here.


Dan Tangel said...

I have our prom picture with the whole gang. Here's test - can you name everyone that we went to the with and who there dates were ?
What was the name of the guy at the bluff ? What was the prom song ? Where was the prom ?

Susan and I had a beautiful wedding. We wish you and Greg could have been there.

caryl said...

Dan, sorry it took me so long to respond. Let's see if I can name who sat at our table:

Dan & Caryl
Kathy & Kevin
Lori & Mark
Wendy &
Maureen &
Anne &

Wow! I'm having some trouble with this. I have that picture, too, of the whole group but I don't know where it is. I know somebody went with Rosie O'Donnell's brother and someone went with Arthur, but I can't remember the last guy and I can't remember who went with who.

The name of the guy at the bluff? I thought we went out to the Hamptons to some random beach,

Wait, wait, wait. Didn't everybody sleep over at my house after the prom? Girls upstairs, boys downstairs. Then we all went to watch the sunrise in our pj's. Isn't that right?

OK, so maybe we went out east right after the prom,, but went to the bluff to watch the sunrise?

Wendy said...

as far as I can remember...
Danny & Caryl
Anne & Artie
Maureen & Eddie
Lori & Mark
Kathy & Kevin
Wendy & Jeff

My Memory (unfortunately isn't what it used to be...)but I do remember Maria & Michelle D'Antonio being at the beach. Perhaps we did go back to your house Caryl -don't remember...
Anyone else? Wendy P.S. Congrats Danny !!

heylaw said...

somewhere in there my dad us all to IHOP on Jericho tpke........

Kathy said...

ok I will answer the easy question. it was at the huntington town house and kevin couldn't go anywhere with us after the prom because he had to work. yes went to that beach in the hamptons and if you must know...2 years later I lost my virginity there.....hehehehe....I know too much information...whatever...
Wendy had all the names right. Man at the bluff..???? Prom song? I know that Timmy's was Sailaway.(I don't know why I know that. Ours? IF or color my world...wwwwaaaa..Sunshine on my shoulders....I don't know.
Danny stop making us think....that is just not you all Kathy

heylaw said...

In case you all didn't see my email, it was "If" by Bread. The beach was called "Sag Main." Maybe I remember sleeping at Caryl's, but then, when the hell did we go to IHOP? Was it after graduation? I seem to remember going there after being up all night? Who the hell knows anything anymore? LOL

Wendy said...

I think I remember stuff (once it's recalled by someone else)but perhaps it's the power of suggestion? Growing older -Too many Dead shows? My brain cells didn't stand a chance...
Does anyone remember our camping trip? Caryl -do you remember how innovative we were on the hill in the woods(when nature called?)?

ANNE said...

WOW--We are only turning 50!!! Wendy had all the names and dates right!! The prom was at Huntington Town House and the song was Color my World? We went to the beach at the Hamptons the night after the prom. Danny drove us to some bar on...can;t remember the name or where it was(too many beers?)and met up with alot of people from the prom. I remember sleeping at Caryl's but not IHOP. My brain hurts. Me, Lori, and Kathy were just talking about Wildwood!!

caryl said...

Yep, Wendy, I do! I guess some things are unforgettable.

caryl said...

By the way, doesn't anyone think the caption under the photo is funny?

caryl said...

By the way, isn't anyone else a Taylor Hicks fan? I just wanna climb him like a...oops, sorry. I forgot where I was for the moment.

Can I just share that I've been face-to-face with THE American Idol SEVEN times? But no action (yet). YES- I'm still married. What does that have to do with anything?

NO, this doesn't have anything to do with the topic at hand, except amybe for the fact that I'm still obsessed with boys.

OK, I look ugly in this photo, but I'm gonna share it anyway. Taylor has his arm around my waist. I'm not kidding. Could you die?

heylaw said...

Anne - I most respectfully disagree - the prom song was NOT Colour My World - It was If. I am positive. I can't attest to anything else though. Oh - so sad. Caryl - I too was a Taylor Hicks fan, but it was because I found him very funny. (By the way, cant see the pic). But - where are his cds?????????

caryl said...

You have to copy and paste the link for the picture. You know, highlight the link, click on "copy", open a new browser, click on "paste". Bing, bang, boom!

Guess I have to direct Dan back here to see if he thinks we got any of these facts right!

Wendy said...

schnooieenCaryl -Looks like the Groom &Bride are otherwise occupied (or they should be). We will all just have to be patient for Danny's reply . However-just like a man -ask us a question -and he walks out of the room....

Dan- So happy for you and your new bride -Would love it if (when you get around to it) if you could post a picture of the two of you on your wedding day.

It's so amazing how quickly the time has flown(scary ain't it?)

Wendy said...

Caryl- That was a typing error in front of your name -Sorry !!! Wendy

Dan Tangel said...

Dear "Harem" ( You too Ann - I don't have your e-mail ),

Lori - Kudos on remembering the song ! Wendy - you get demerits Colour (correct spelling from Chicago II) My World was a prom song but not the prom we all went to together. At least those songs beat Timmy's prom song - "Dust in the Wind"

I am impressed Moe. I did not remember that you went with Eddie. That's the guy I didn't recognize. I will scan the picture and send it to all of you.

I also stand corrected about where we all stayed. I remembered all the guys sleeping at my house at 6 Vine Haven but then I remembered that I had already moved away from the bad influence of a neighbor, Caryl, in 1974. Just shows when you move to the other side of the tracks it doesn't work. I moved nearer to Lori and Kathy !

The guy's name at the bluff was Crazy Joe. he must have thought he was having a celestial vision when all the girls in PJ's got out of the car at sunrise. You know - visions of the 1000 virgins. ( Oh wait - make that 999 virgins - remember Lori was there girls ! I'm just kidding LAW ! )

Kathy - you lost your virginity on a beach ? I lost mine at ....oh, like I'm gonna tell you ! It was on the evening of September 22, 1979 after my wedding - yeah, right.

The bar we would have gone to probably would have been Danny Sheehan's.

I really didn't remember going out to the Hamptons but I'll take your word for it.

Yes, Kevin did have to work. He worked harder than any man I ever knew. He was also a better athlete that me, smarter than me, a better friend than me and more fun than I could ever dream of being. Lori and Kathy - remember us being monkeys on the telephone poles on Mayfair Terrace ?

There was no IHOP. Sorry, Lor.

I do remember that Mr. Meyer didn't sleep a wink that night. Hell, all those guys one floor away from all those girls. We did gather out on the front lawn under the big oak tree between Caryl's house and my old house. Mr. Meyer let us know it was time or all girls to get upstairs and all guys to stay where we belonged.

Those are my recollections. I love you all. Susan and I had a beautiful honeymoon in St. Martin's. I think I've turned into a virgin pina colada. Susan has taken on the appearance of a Carib or a Corona with a lime or a guavaberry colada. We did our best to hold down the beach chairs and I'll send some pictures.

I love all you guys and thanks for your best wishes. This summer is a Caribbean Party with palm trees, coconuts, Bradley and the Dragonellas, Frozen drinks, brewskies and good times.


caryl said...

Here's what I remember about going to the beach. See if it jogs your memory:

We drove east, not really knowing where the heck we were going. Finally, out where the expressway becomes a two lane road, we pulled over at a gas station and Dan asked the guy if he knew of a beach nearby.

We continued on the two lane road and then turned right down some unassuming looking little road which took us to the beach.

I think I remember a bonfire. But remember, some guys came down the beach and one of them claimed to be blind?

Wasn't this after the prom?

Dan Tangel said...

I'm having a flashback ! Mamma said there'd be days like this.Do I recall a lifeguard chair on the beach that we all took turns sitting in and even trying to knock over at one point ? I don't remember a blind guy. There was a blind girl. Her name was Caryl- hell she must have been blind. She went to the prom with me.